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This page is dedicated to my most popular Autism posts. If you want to get an idea of what my blog is all about or learn something about Autism, these are the posts to start with.

1) 10 Things My Autistic Kids Wished You Knew  (over 10,000 “Likes”)

2) My Broken Heart (about 600 “Likes”)

3) Thank You for Judging Me (Over 300 “Likes”

4) How YOU could help a Special Needs Parent (Over 1000 “Likes”)

5) Why Autism Awareness is Broken (about 300 “Likes”

6) Climb off Your High Horse Already

7) We’re on the same team….right?

Please lose the word “Retard” from your Vocabulary (about 300 “Likes”)

9) 10 Reasons Why You’re Lucky…But Don’t Know It

10) The most dangerous mistake in Autism

11) #Autism:The Politically Correct Minefield

12) Tribute to Autism **MUST SEE**

13) #Autism: The 12 year old Toddler

14) If you’re a special needs parent, is it selfish to have more kids?

15) Judging a special needs family: A look beneath the surface

16) I don’t need your help to feel guilty

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