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Thoughts and Prayers


The Lost and Tired family has been the receiving end of everyone’s prayers for many years. It occurred to me that I could find a way to return the favor and also help spread the word for others that could use our collective thoughts and prayers.

To me, this isn’t specific to any one religion or set of beliefs. Keeping someone in your thoughts doesn’t require a belief in a higher power.

I’m not personally involved in organized religion much any more, for a number of reasons, but was born and raised Catholic. I attended Catholic schools all the way through college. While I don’t regularly attend church that doesn’t mean that I have lost my faith. I still believe. I just choose to keep it on a personal level.

With that said, I would like to invite you to please leave in the comments below, anyone that is in need of our thoughts and prayers. The reason for the need doesn’t matter, meaning it doesn’t have to be autism related necessarily. Any child or family deserves to have love and compassion shown to them during a difficult time in their lives, even if it’s in the form of thoughts or prayers from a stranger.

Simply add your request to the comments below and help to circulate this page. I would encourage you to check it frequently as it will update in real-time.

I’ll be working on putting together a RSS feed for this page and comments so that you can get regular updates from your favorite RSS feed reader.

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I always try to give back to the community whenever I can and this is one way that I would like to try.

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