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May 21 2013

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This is a great example of autonomic dysfunction


I’ve been talking about autonomic dysfunction for the last year now.  I want to give a very basic example of what someone with autonomic dysfunction can experience. 

This is about as basic as it gets and hopefully this will help, at least some people to better understand autonomic dysfunction.

If you look at this picture, you’ll notice that Gavin is wearing a long sleeve hoody. What you don’t know is that it was 85°F today, when this picture was taken.

Basically, Gavin’s body doesn’t regulate temperature. 

He’s almost always cold and so he wears long sleeves all year round.

It’s just one of the many areas that can be touched when something like the autonomic nervous system isn’t working right.

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andrewbromley 1 Like

This may or may not be a stupid question, but at school, in a tropical climate, could autonomic dysfunction explain why so many girls hands were freezing cold, I wonder? Could the problem be more widespread than we realize?



 I always thought it was sort of a circulation thing. Like, the body is trying to cool down the torso, but in the process cools down the extremities too fast. I mean, I know its a side effect of certain drugs and can happen when people have poor circulation. Interesting theory though...

MeaghanGood 1 Like

I know my body temperature drops when I get extremely tired, and I start feeling really cold no matter what the weather is. I used to work night shift and would come home exhausted and shivering. I'd go to bed wearing pajamas and a robe on top, underneath sheets, a blanket and two comforters. Then wake up a few hours later, soaked in sweat.

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