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Jan 21 2013

The Food Coma


Emmett had an afternoon snack, chocolate pudding,  and then feel fast asleep on the couch. 

This is what we call a food coma.

A food coma is when you fall fast asleep after eating a snack or dinner.  This is most common around Thanksgiving, for example.  :-)

His pudding stained face is just so precious.  :-)


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Jan 20 2013

What do you love most about your child with #Autism?


As a way of spreading #Autism


Awareness, I thought it would be neat to share some of the things we love most about our kids on the #autism spectrum. I feel that we need to approach awareness in a different way. A less clinical and more personal way. To do this, I thought we could start out by simply sharing what we love most about our kids. It could be anything. Let’s begin by focusing on a few positives and then we can move into others down the road. :-) I’m very happy to go first. One of the things I love most about my kids with #Autism is their ability to show compassion. They don’t always understand the how’s and why’s but they can feel when something is wrong or someone is hurting. They offer compassion in the form of a huge or placing their hand on my face. It really is amazing. Now it’s your turn. :-)

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Jan 18 2013

Operation Haircut: Complete Success


I mentioned earlier that we were going to take the boys to get their hair cut.  I also mentioned that doing so, doesn’t always go over very well. 

As I would imagine at least some of you have experienced first hand, haircuts for a child with #Autism can be very challenging. 

I’m pleased to share with you all that our mission to get their hair cut was a complete success.

The boys did absolutely perfect. 

They sat there, watching TV and tolerated the process quite well.  They really dislike getting their hair wet and flinched each time their hair was sprayed. However, again, they did amazingly well and Lizze and I are so proud of them both. 

As promised, I have a few pictures to share.





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Jan 17 2013

Attempting the unthinkable


Perhaps I’m a glutton for punishment or maybe off my rocker.  However, I will be trying to take the boys to get their long overdue haircuts.. 

Right now, Emmett’s pretty excited to go. His mood however, is likely to change when we get there. 

I’ll let you all know how it goes. 

Wish me luck…….

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Jan 16 2013

A new day is upon us


I had a horrible nights sleep or rather lack of sleep. This whole thing with Elliott still has me pretty torn up. 

However, I got up to Elliott being  just fine this morning. 

He’s in a really good mood. He got ready and off to school without any significant problems. When I got him to school I gave him a big hug and told him how much I loved him. I don’t know if he even remembers last night and I didn’t want to bring it up right before school. 

It was really nice to just get a huge from him.

A new day is upon us.

I’m just going to support Elliott any way I can.  I’d rather not be his verbal punching bag but whatever he needs. 

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Jun 09 2012

Progress in the struggle for power


Something that I think I had made pretty clear,  but was missed by some people is that Gavin has control over these meltdowns.  These are not the typical meltdowns you in any Autistic children. The reason I can say that is because Gavin has the ability to turn the meltdown on and off,  whenever he feels the need.

When Emmett has a meltdown,  it’s typically sensory overload and it pretty obvious because he is inconsolable.

Gavin on the other hand,  has the meltdowns because he’s facing the consequences for a choice he has made. Many times I have proven he has control because he basically will stop,  if and when he gets what he wants. He can also stop his fit,  long enough to move himself away from something he values,  so as not to damage it. 

If he was truly out of control,  this would not be possible.

I mentioned earlier that I was taking a more aggressive approach with Gavin and his meltdowns.  Basically,  if he has a meltdown,  I will take something that he values,  away from him. If he doesn’t have control than this would have no impact.

Having said that,  it’s already working.  Gavin got into trouble this morning and wound up for an explosive meltdown.  However,  I reminded him that if he did,  I would take his teddy bear. Guess what,  he immediately shut it off. 

My hope is that this trend continues and we can quash this behavior ASAP.  Otherwise,  we will be looking at some type of inpatient care,  if that’s even possible.

For the moment,  I’ll take whatever I can get and this was a positive result.

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Jun 05 2012

The struggle for power continues


Gavin is already struggling today.  He’s not been listening and has already had a meltdown this morning.

However,  Lizze put her foot down and called him out.  She said she was tired of the drama and that he had three seconds to stop before he had oatmeal until Thursday morning.  He kept freaking out and so she counted. 

Wouldn’t you know it,  he stopped before she reached 3. Tell me that’s not control.
Honestly,  it’s upsets me even more that he can stop this whenever he wants. It means that he’s doing this on purpose. Regardless of the impact on his family,  he chooses to do this,  not only to himself but us as well. That bothers me.

I realize that he’s likely more prone to meltdowns but still this is pretty messed up. I don’t know what his motives are but I know that the meltdowns are a willful act and an act that is impacting every person in this house.

The only thing we can do is hold him accountable and stand firm and with resolve.

Honestly,  I feel really bad that we keep having to hold him accountable but he has the power to stop this whenever he wants.  He just chooses to be violent and aggressive instead. You would think he would learn by now that these tactics do not work.  However,  he simply continues to escalate in an attempt to get his way.

My biggest concern going forward is,  how far is he willing to take this?  I mean,  right know and for the foreseeable future,  I could easily overpower him.  What happens when can’t?

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