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Dec 13 2012

Saying goodbye to adderall…


The Lost and Tired family will be saying goodbye to adderall. Elliott has only been on it for about 2 months, however, he’s already not eating and is continuing to lose weight.

Adderall is something that can be stopped on a dime and discontinued. 

We will discontinue this beginning today and get in touch with his psychiatrist and pediatrician as well. They need to be kept in the loop and up to date otherwise they can’t do their jobs. 

The nutritionist is concerned because he’s losing weight and hasn’t grown in the last year.

We are not in panic mode but this is something that we have to address and bottom line, he needs to be taking in more calories. However, that’s easier said than done. 

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Dec 04 2012

Remember the Gummy Bears?


Do you remember the old cartoonThe Gummy BearsRemember how they are bouncing here and there and everywhere?

Elliott and Emmett have been channeling these high flying and extremely energetic bears since about 5 o’clock this morning.  They are in super duper hyper mode and literally bouncing off of everything in sight, including each other. 


I’m going on the record as saying that I wish I could have a fraction of their energy. Even a fraction of a fraction would last me awhile. 

I have no idea what the heck happened while they were sleeping but holy crap, it’s going to be a really long day.

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Nov 26 2012

Is your child with #Autism a sensory seeker?


OMG, Emmett is all over the place.  He needs more of a physical outlet because he’s literally climbing on me all day long.. We used to take him to park in the warmer weather.

With insurance refusing to cover OT, PT and speech anymore, this has become an even bigger problem.

I’m grateful for what he’s received but I’m angry and frustrated with their reasons for not paying anymore.  Essentially, they are saying that he hasn’t reached the level of his typical peers and they don‘t believe he ever will.  In other words, Emmett to them is a bad investment.


I don‘t agree with how insurance companies have been handling children and adults with #Autism.

Anyway, Emmett desperately needs that physical outlet and he’s made progress.

Right now, he’s sensory seeking and doing so by running into walls, bouncing off of everything he can and climbing on anything he can reach.  It’s exhausting.

He’s very aggressive with his climbing and bouncing, to the point that he actually hurts me in the process.  It’s unintentional but still painful and exhausting.

Are your kids sensory seekers? What sort of things do they do for sensory input? Do they ever hurt themselves in the process? Last week, Emmett busted his chin open while sensory seeking.

I was hoping that could share our experience.

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Jun 08 2012

Desperate times call for extreme measures


I know that I sound like I’m beating a dead horse but this is an ongoing issue and we are trying to work through it.

Gavin was so close to a clean slate tonight.  In the morning he would have earned his TV back and he could once again have regular breakfast etc.  However,  he was caught sneaking TV. When Lizze simply questioned him as to what he was doing,  he lost it.

I was upstairs at the time,  getting ready to go walking.  Lizze somehow,  managed to get him upstairs and into his bedroom before I was able to intervene.

She left him in his room freaking out and went to be with the boys downstairs.

As she left the room and went downstairs,  Gavin began screaming “you’re dead to me”,  over and over again. I got into his room and surprised him.  I immediately wanted to know what he had been shouting.  He denied that he was saying that to Lizze and instead claimed he was saying that to himself.

I shut that down pretty quick,  as it was not only creepy but honestly,  a bit scary.image Of course,  the meltdown today was worse than yesterday’s.  Gavin assaulted himself again.  He headbutted the floor,  hit/scratched/kicked himself and he even escalated to biting himself.

When he bit his legs,  the thought occurred to me about whether or not you need a tetanus shot if you bite yourself and break the skin? Does anyone know the answer to that?

We have reached a point where I have decided to take a much more aggressive approach with Gavin. Right or wrong, something has to give.


Basically,  I told Gavin,  that I know he’s doing this on purpose and that it’s going to stop. I told him that the consequences will be much more severe. The next time he behaves this way,  he will lose something that he values from his room.  He’ll be able to earn it back by making better choices.

My goal is to make the consequences hurt.  They need to hurt in order to hopefully deter this violent behavior. He cannot be allowed to have control over the family in this way.
If this doesn’t work than we are going to have to look at hospitalization.

The problem is that placing your child into some sort of inpatient care is extremely difficult.  It’s difficult both emotionally and logistically.

Logistically, there has to new and place that is qualified and has open beds.  Emotionally,  it’s extremely difficult and I feel like I have failed Gavin,  even though we are doing it to help him.

Hospitalization takes a great deal of planning and we need to probably start the planning process.

I don’t know what else to do…

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May 31 2012

I have to climb on my soapbox


I don’t make it a habit of judging people because I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of that.  However,  I simply can’t take it anymore.

This is a general rant and is not directed at any one person in particular.

Forgive me if I offend you.

I am saying this not only as a parent but as a former firefighter and paramedic.  Please,  put your kids in a friggin carseat. There is absolutely no excuse not to. 

When you leave the hospital after your child is born they ask you if you need a carseat.  You could have said yes and it would have been free.  I don’t want to hear you can’t afford one. There are organizations in your community that will provide you with free carseats.

I can’t tell you what it feels like to see you driving down the freeway with your 3 year old child climbing all over the inside of the car.  I don’t understand what makes you think that it’s okay to allow that.  Do you not fear the loss or injury of your child.

I have been the one to pull a child out of a car wreck that wasn’t secured in a carseat or seat belt.  I have seen the injuries and I know what can happen to those who never think it will happen to them.

Please for the love of God and your children, put your child in a goddamn carseat. If you can’t afford one,  look into your local community services,  you can very likely acquire one at no cost.

Please do not take chances with your child’s life.  You will never be able to undo that mistake and you will never forgive yourself. 

Alright,  I have spoken my peace and I will not make a habit of doing this.

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May 21 2012

Gavin’s acting weird and that’s saying something


Alright,  Gavin is acting really weird. Not to sound like smart ass but,  that’s saying something. Honestly,  Gavin’s acts weird all the time,  it’s kinda like a status quo.

He seems really disoriented and has an unsteady gait.

I wish I could find my blood pressure cuff and stethoscope,  but I haven’t seen them in years. I do think I’m gonna put my heart rate monitor on him so I can see the difference when he sits and stands.

I’m really hoping he’s just tired because we actually have a quiet week and I really don’t have it in me to be at the hospital again. Maybe that sounds bad but dammit,  I’m friggin tired.

Of course,  if he needs to go,  I’ll do whatever we have to do. Having said that,  I really hope we don’t have to go.

< em>**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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May 11 2012

Today’s #Autism Discussion: Sexually Inappropriate Behavior


Let me start this one off by saying that I fully realize this is a sensitive subject.  While it may be difficult to talk about,  it’s a very important topic.  As our kids get older,  they will become more aware of these things. 

I’m not saying that they will understand,  but they will likely become more aware.

How do you help guide them through this difficult time?  How do you address sexually inappropriate behavior,  if and when it presents itself?

Is this time more difficult for boys or girls?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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