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Jan 15 2012

I screwed up


I’m here to tell you that I’m far from perfect as I make mistakes quite often.

This morning,  I was smacked in the face with another mistake I made.  Gavin is out of refills on his Lithium and I was just at Dr.  Reynolds office a few days ago.

Dr.  Reynolds even made it a point to ask me if I needed any refills for Gavin. I thought we had refills left on the Lithium but I was very wrong.

This is day 2 with Gavin off his mood stabilizers.  Thankfully,  we can get them called in on Monday and at least Gavin in doesn’t have school tomorrow. 

I’m not sure if a few days off his meds will throw him off course or not but fact that I even have to ask that questions frustrates me.

Let this be a lesson to one and all.  Make sure to check out the refill status prior to going to an appointment.  You don’t want to be in a situation where your child doesn’t have his much needed medication because of a simple oversight.

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Dec 30 2011

6th Antibody Infusion: IV placed


Gavin’s IV is finally in ace and the IgG infusion has begun.  The whole process takes a few hours but as time goes by,  and his body continues to tolerate the infusion,  the process will be sped up.

He did pretty well with the IV placement. He repeatedly asked the same questions over and over again but he’s didn’t scream.

They drew blood so that he doesn’t need a second needle poker on Monday in order to refill his Clozapine prescription.

He’s back to playing Phineas and Ferb on the PS3 and has phased everyone,  and everything,  out.

Now we just wait…….






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Dec 09 2011

Today’s Victory: 12/09/2011



Today’s Vitory I brought to you by my oldest son,  Gavin.

We get our water from a company called Clear Water.  He have a 5 gallon water cooler and so we have to refill the jugs about every week or so.

Sometimes,  Gavin will tag along and always wants to help.  Typically,  Gavin can’t seem to get the timing of shutting the water offer before it sprays everywhere.

However,  on this occasion,  he did the entire process on his own. He put in the token and filled up the jugs without soaking himself in the process.

He even wiped them down when he was done.

This seems like an arbitrary skill but the reality is that he needs to know this kind of thing in order to function independently in the future. 

The bottom line is that it was something he couldn’t do before and now can.

The sounds like a big’ol victory to me.  Great job Gavin…..

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Dec 07 2011

Weekly becomes biweekly




For over 6 months now,  Gavin has been having his blood drawn every 7 days.  This is done to monitor is white blood cell count. 

He’s only a medication called Clozapine for schizoaffective disorder.  Clozapine is the most tightly controlled drug in the US.

For the first 6 months,  he needs bloodwork every 7 days,  in order to refill his prescription for another 7 days.  We have reached a point where he will now be getting 14 days worth of pills at a time. 

This means that he only needs his bloodwork done twice a month now. 

It may not seem like much but to Gavin it’s a pretty big deal. After today,  it will be two weeks before he needs stuck with a needle again. 

As far as today’s bloodwork went,  he did a really awesome job…..

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Dec 03 2011

Lost and Tired’s Android app of the day 12/03/2011


Featured Android app of the day


Today’s featured app comes from Walgreens Pharmacy. The app is simply titled: Walgreens <—- Click here to download

The Lost and Tired house has been using this app since it was released. Basically, you can refill your prescription buy simply scanning the bar code on your prescription bottle with the camera on your Android device. Once you have successfully scanned the bar code, you select the location of the pharmacy nearest you. Everything is done automatically after that.

We manage a great deal of prescriptions, especially with my wife’s health issues. The app by Walgreens has helped to streamline and simplify things. I would whole heartedly recommend this app to anyone the uses Walgreens Pharmacy for their prescriptions.


I have used this app, myself, many times and it really does make things easier. You can also browse the Walgreens weekly ad and order photo prints from your local store as well.


I would highly recommend this app to anyone with an Android device that uses the Walgreens Pharmacy. As special needs parents, we have our hands full with everyday life. Anything that can make life just a little bit easier… a great thing.

This is an example of technology, truly making life a bit better.

Download and Install


Click Me

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Nov 28 2011

Dealt another blow


Lizze kicked off the week of appointments with a follow up at pain management. She has been off her fibro medications for about a week because insurance needed a priority authorization for the refill.  Apparently,  there was a policy change and Lyrica (spelling?)  is no longer covered. 

It took a week to work out the prior authorization and so she ran out about a week ago.

When she saw her doctor this morning,  they informed her that because she has been off the Lyrica for a week,  she has to start all over again.  This is a huge blown to her because it took her well over a year to build up to where she was,  just 7 days ago. 

She is in horrible amounts of pain, now she won’t see any relief for many,  many months.  The worst part is that now it may not work again. Lyrica was the last medication she had to help manage the fibro flare ups. 

To say she is demoralized right now would be a gross understatement. It looks like things are going to get a whole lots worse for her and subsequently everyone else in the house. 

I don’t know who to more passed off at,  the insurance company or pain management. The pharmacy spoke with pain management last week about the need for the prior authorization and they never sent it in.  Now my wife has to suffer for God only knows how long because someone else dropped the ball. 

From a purly selfish standpoint,  we were barely surviving with her fibro relatively managed by the medications. Now I don’t know what we are going to do…..

This is the most fanfreaking-tastic way to start the week.  I only have 17 more appointments to look forward to.  I totally honest they go better than this. 

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Sep 18 2011

Bless his little heart


So I went up to the bathroom today to clean it. I noticed that the previously, almost empty bottle of hand sanitizer was full.

Upon closer examination, I realized what had happened. Emmett in is never ending quest to keep everything full, discovered the hand sanitizer was almost empty. He took it upon himself to refill the bottle so that it was no longer empty.

He actually umscrewed the lid and refilled the bottle without saying anything to anyone and without making a mess. Of course, he filled it with water, but still.

I love finding these little surprises because they always make me smile.


– Lost and Tired

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