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Jul 15 2012

Living in the moment


Seeing pictures of my boys snuggling and sleeping peacefully is quite deceiving.  Emmett has been screaming,  pretty much since the moment he woke up,  which incidentally, was really early.

I sold my Vita on ebay and I was thinking about maybe, taking the boys to see the new Ice Age movie this morning.  I’m probably insane for even thinking that but I want the boys to have some fun. 

These hospital stays are difficult on them as well.  Their schedule is thrown out the window and they haven’t seen Lizze in like 4 days.

They are worried about Gavin and miss him dearly.

My thought is that the movie would be a nice distraction for Elliott and Emmett.  While they probably won’t sit through the whole thing,  I owe it to them to at least give them the opportunity. 

Selling the Vita on ebay,  hasn’t saved us.  It’s not going to make the mortgage, utilities or car payment, current.  However,  I can still use some of it to help the boys escape this situation for a little bit today.

Is this the most responsible decision?  Probably not. 

However,  when your a special needs parent,  these opportunities are few and far between. Sometimes responsibility has to take a back seat to living in the moment with your kids.  Besides,  as I said,  this wouldn’t make a dent in anything else.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Feb 06 2012

10 Things My Autistic Kids Wished You Knew: The Movie


I made this movie, based on my very popular post, “10 Things My Autistic Kids Wished You Knew“.

Please feel free to use this video to help spread Autism Awareness, or to help educate those people in your life that may not understand the challenges our kids on the Autism Spectrum can face.

If you do use this, please link back to this page. :-)


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Jan 12 2012

Elliott made a funny


Everyday, I pick up the boys from school at 3pm on the nose. If I arrive any sooner, there is a line of traffic.

As I pull up to the school and the boys are walked out, I open the side door on the van via the power door button. This of course assumes that the van isn’t in the shop and the door actually works.

I love watching the boys anxiously run to hop into the van.

Today, for whatever reason, as Elliott was making his way to the van he was screaming something.

What was that something he was screaming, you ask.

Like Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart, Elliott screamed “freedom”. I guess he was especially excited today to come home. :-)  

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Nov 22 2011

Today’s Victory: 11/22/2011



Today’s Victory is brought to you by all three of my boys.  We had a rough morning but we also had a bit of absolute peace and harmony as well. 

All three boys snuggled up together on the couch and watched a movie on NetFlix.  No one was fighting,  yelling or screaming. Not one person was hit or bit either.

They just quietly sat there,  together and watched their movie.  I’ll say that is a victory if I ever saw one…….   :-)

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Nov 17 2011



Lizze decided that she was going to stay home and help me with the boys tonight instead of going to the midnight showing of the new Twilight movie.

I tried to get her to go with her mom because I know how long she has been looking forward to this. In the end, she decided that staying home and helping me with the kids was what she wanted to do.

I wish she would have gone because at least it would have given her a chance to unwind.

That said, tonight is going to be a rough night, Elliott, Emmett and possibly Gavin are sick. I’m glad we are both here to deal with this.

Sorry it didn’t work out tonight honey. I hope we get another chance sometime soon. :-)

Thanks to our family for trying to make this happen for us. :-)

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Nov 13 2011

Whatever Monday, bring it on!


We have a pretty busy week ahead of us.  We have therapy just about every day and several doctors appointments as well. 

However,  Thursday night,  Lizze and I have a date.  I surprised her with tickets to the new Twilight movie.  This is really the only thing she ever asks for and I got tickets a few weeks ago when they went on sale.

I’m pretty excited to get some alone time with Lizze.  We never get time alone and I think it’s so important for our marriage.

I just have this to say as Monday approaches.    Bring it on…..

– Lost and Tired

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Jul 15 2011

We actually got out


We actually made it out last night to see the last Harry Potter movie. We had a few hickups but it all turned out OK. My parents took Emmett and Lizze’s took Gavin and Elliott. Thanks everyone for helping me pull this one off.

Lizze had a great time and is currently trying to sleep off the migraine but she got to be there at midnight for the last movie.

Thanks again. This doesn’t happen very often. In fact I think the last time was 2 Harry Potter movies ago. It was a much needed break but I’m missing my babies ;-)

– Lost and Tired

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