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Feb 13 2012

Please STOP flushing things down the toilet


Someone please tell me what is so goddamn interesting about flushing things down the toilet.  My things I’m referring to toys,  toilet paper rolls ect.

I realize the insanity of asking this question in the first place but I just spent the better part of the day uncloging the only toilet in the house because Emmett decided to flush several toilet paper rolls down the toilet. 

I went through two plunger to fix it. 

I know why he finds it interesting,  but I wish he didn’t.  He likes watching the things “zoom down the potty”,  his words,  not mine.

I don’t know how typical kids would react to this but when I explained that if he had to go potty,  he would have to use an alternative location,  he refused.

As far as he’s concerned,  the only place you go potty is in the potty.

It’s only Monday. OMG,  what does the rest of the week have in store?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired Registered & Protected

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Feb 01 2012

Stealing from a special needs family: update 8


I have some big news.  Yesterday,  I managed to replace our van and I financed it all by myself.

I honestly couldn’t believe it went through.
We got a 2004 Freestar Limited.  It’s basically exactly what we had before just newer.  Downtown Ford really came through for us.

While this is great news,  it did come at a significant cost.  It took took every last dime we had.  I would never have done this if I had any other choice.  Taking on a car payment is the last thing in the world we needed to do.

We are completely tapped out and many of the things that needed to be done with tax return won’t happen now.  I needed to get a treadmill so I can improve my health since I’m rarely able to get away to run outside.

I also still have to pay off the repairs on the old van as well.

However,  I was able to replace each of the boys mattresses.  I feel really good about that because they really needed to be replaced and Elliott’s old mattress had to trashed about 2 weeks ago.

I also won’t be able to finish my Android4Autism project because I can’t finish setting up the 501c3 nonprofit now. So that will be delayed yet again.

However,  I was able to get my Autism Support group off the ground and running.
The group is taking off and I’m pretty stoked about being able to provide that to everyone.

The other huge setback is the move.  It was going to be tough before but now it seems impossible.

I had to replace the van for obvious reasons and now the move will have to go back on the wishlist….  That is really depressing because if it wasn’t for those people stealing and subsequently totally our old van,  we would be in a much better situation.

Having said that,  the new van is much nicer and more reliable.  The payments are relatively low considering our financial situation.

I wasn’t looking for fancy but this was all I could find and time was running out.

This incident has changed the course of our lives. Due to the actions of the people responsible, many sacrifices had to be made in order to simply get back to square one. Things are going to be more challenging….at least until the van is payed off and we can once again try to escape the ever increasing violence and crime in our neighborhood….

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers over the past 2 weeks.  We made it through.  We are left with scars but we are still breathing….and once again moving forward :-)



Emmett claimed his seat and location for his brand new car seat.  I think he likes it.







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Dec 03 2011

Lost and Tired’s Android app of the day 12/03/2011


Featured Android app of the day


Today’s featured app comes from Walgreens Pharmacy. The app is simply titled: Walgreens <—- Click here to download

The Lost and Tired house has been using this app since it was released. Basically, you can refill your prescription buy simply scanning the bar code on your prescription bottle with the camera on your Android device. Once you have successfully scanned the bar code, you select the location of the pharmacy nearest you. Everything is done automatically after that.

We manage a great deal of prescriptions, especially with my wife’s health issues. The app by Walgreens has helped to streamline and simplify things. I would whole heartedly recommend this app to anyone the uses Walgreens Pharmacy for their prescriptions.


I have used this app, myself, many times and it really does make things easier. You can also browse the Walgreens weekly ad and order photo prints from your local store as well.


I would highly recommend this app to anyone with an Android device that uses the Walgreens Pharmacy. As special needs parents, we have our hands full with everyday life. Anything that can make life just a little bit easier… a great thing.

This is an example of technology, truly making life a bit better.

Download and Install


Click Me

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Sep 04 2011

Someone was stabbed tonight


Disclaimer: Not for my younger readers. Graphic material is talked about.

I’m sharing this as a means of trying to decompress from this event.


I got to be the old Rob for a little while tonight. Someone was stabbed right outside of my house about 45 minutes ago. I didn’t even think about it, I just ran out, right into the middle of it. It’s funny, well not really funny, especially if you ask Lizze (who isn’t to happy with me right now) but I didn’t miss a beat or hesitate. I was always the guy running into the places everyone else was running out of.

I got a pair of gloves from the one of the cops and did what I trained to do….be a paramedic.

I identified the stab wounds and assessed the severity of each wound. I could get a hold of any scissors to cut his shirt off, so I had to work around it. I covered the largest wound with a non-occlusive dressing and did what I could to keep it from getting worse. The man in the road was agitated and starting to fight back, which made it difficult to help him.

I’m still shaking from the adrenalin rush. Normally, there a process to this that helps to sorta complete the experience. You get the call, arrive on scene, assess the patient and transport. There is something about completing these steps that helps you to process everything and physically cope with what you have just witnessed. This guy was in really bad shape. It was kinda strange because it’s been years since I managed a trauma but it was like I never quit. This guy was stabbed 2 times. Once in the chest, right above his heart and the other was in the lower abdomen. I was actually holding his part of his lower bowel that had come through the 4 or 5 inch wound in lower abdomen.

When the medics arrived on scene, I helped package him up and told them what I had found. Then they were off to the hospital and I was standing there shaking from the sudden rush of adrenalin. By this time Lizze had come outside and was trying to find me cause she didn’t know what had happened. Elliott was awake and starting to freak out as well.

It really wasn’t very smart of me to do this. I had no idea what I was running into and I should have been thinking about my family instead. However, I was like something was triggered inside me and I just reacted. I thought I had gotten this all out of my system but clearly that’s not the case. I realize now, just how much I miss doing this. It was never about the money cause the money sucked but instead it was about helping people and making a difference..

I’m not sure what we are going to do now. I know this could happen anywhere but this is getting worse. One witness told me that there was a party and people started exchanging gun fire. I know that there was another serious injury at that location as well.

I have got to get my family to a safer place. This happened way to close to home and I fell like I need to address this issue and ensure all of our safety.

This is not what I expected to have happen this evening and now I’m going to try to go to bed and get some sleep.



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Jul 01 2011

Autism Blog Link Exchange


I like helping people, especially those touched by Autism. Blogging has been a big help to me. I thought I would try to help the Autism blogging community by providing a page to submit your Autism or Autism related blog information. Basically, you are adding yourself to my blog roll. I get between 1,000 and 2,000 hits a day, so this might help to get YOUR blog some visibility also. This way when visitors come to read Lost and Tired they will also see your linked blog, via my blog roll as well. This can help to drive traffic to newer and older blogs alike. The internet is FILLED with hundreds of millions of websites. I think Autism and Autism related bloggers have a message for the world and I want to help your voice be heard. So I added a page to my blog called  Autism Blog Link Exchange as well as a new blog roll widget on my front page. Also you can see the traffic generated to and from your blog as a result of this link exchange on the Autism Blog Link Exchange.

How do I add my blog?

All you have to do is go here or simply click on the Autism Blog Link Exchange page above. Fill out the information and submit your site. Please be sure to use this format for entering your web address:, the easiest way to do this is to copy your complete web address off of your address bar and then paste it into the form. As soon as I see the submission it will be listed and appear in my blog roll on the front page or my Lost and Tired blog. It’s that simple.

Please to include my link on your site as well by copying and pasting the following code into a text widget or other location on your blog or simply add me to your blog roll:

<a href=”” title=”Our struggle raising 3 boys on the Autism Spectrum” target=”_blank”>Lost and Tired</a>

This code will simply look like this once added “Lost and Tired


I hope you find this helpful. I think if we all work together and pool our collective resources, we can help our voices to be heard.


Note: For now,I’m not putting restrictions on the website content. Please keep it clean and on topic.

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May 02 2011

Autism and the escape artist….


~Autism and wandering go hand in hand. A very dangerous combination~

I have an escape artist on my hands. I have written about this before but up until now Emmett has never “escaped”. Emmett John has gotten out of the house 3 times over this past weekend. We have 3 locks on the front door plus an alarm system. What Emmett does is unlocks the door and simply runs. We are spread pretty thin and so, at times, my attention is elsewhere. He has learned to exploit these lapses in “security”. I’ve gone out several times to get new “baby” proofing things. The problem is that I need to “Emmett” proof things.

The resourcefulness of an almost 3 year old with Autism is UNBELIEVABLE.

When he sets out to accomplish something he sets out to accomplish something. This is one of the reasons I want to get the yard completely fenced in. I feel like it would be a last line of “defense”. My fear is that he will get out and wander or run away. We don’t live in the best neighborhood but honestly even if we did this would still be a HUGE concern. I know I need to be WAY more vigilant but it’s really tough trying to stay on top of everything. This obviously needs to be a priority. I’m actually really scared by escape skills. I have started arming the alarm during the day. The moment ANY outside door is opened the alarm goes off the the location or rather what door was accessed goes out over the alarm pad as well. For example, if he goes out the front door, the alarm will sound and a voice will say “front door”. It’s not a perfect system but at least it’s something.

Special needs parenting to a child with Autism is never easy. You always have to be at least a few steps ahead of them. Not always an easy task especially when have 3 children with Autism.

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Apr 27 2010

Autism and Emmett John


Emmett John finished his first evaluation yesterday. He completely failed the evaluation. That’s not good. He is now being referred to a pediatric neurologist and from there to the autism clinic to try to pin point his location on the spectrum.

The more questions we answer, the closer we get to an official diagnosis and the more painful this becomes. Now it’s another tortuous waiting game.


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