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Dec 21 2012

Learning life skills at @GiantEagle


I’ve written about this before but I’m going to write about it again.  I really feel strongly about trying to use everyday activities as a chance to teach my 3 boys with #autism important life skills.

We have some wintery weather blowing in soon and I wanted to pick up a few items at the grocery store, in case we get snowed in.

I grabbed Elliott and we headed off to our local Giant Eagle.  I swear it’s like we live at that store. 

Anyway, Elliott is 6 years old, has aspergers and loves learning new things.  Whenever he comes with me to the store, I always make sure to let him practice things like making good food choices, working within a budget, ringing up the groceries in the self-checkout and even bagging the groceries afterward. 

Some might be wondering what the point is.

That pretty easy to answer.  The point is that he’s gaining real life experience in a very important life skill. He’s going to need to know how to do this on his own eventually. 

The way I see it, it would be a crime not to take advantage of his eagerness to learn and desire to help.

During today’s trip, Elliott was ringing things out while I was bagging them up. When it came to the bananas, they have to scanned and weighed a little differently.  One of the cashiers that sorta floats around making sure no one else needs help, took it upon herself to teach Elliott how to manually enter the produce.

He was able to duplicate what she taught him and use that new knowledge on the next batch of bananas that needed scanned and weighed. 

He did a fantastic job and I was really impressed with the cashiers willingness to walk him through what he needed to do and tell him how good of a job he did, instead of trying to rush him though our cart of groceries and get us out the door.

This is one of the reasons I really loves hoping at Giant Eagle.

Taking the time to allow Elliott to get hands on experience might seem pointless to some but I see this as one step closer to his independence. 

Every skill he learns and masters now is one less that he has to learn in the future. 

I strongly encourage everyone to embrace these opportunities to teach. After all, you are your child’s most important teacher. 


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Aug 18 2012

What’s one thing your child with #Autism has taught you?


I think that this one is pretty good for a dialog.  What’s one thing your child with #Autism has taught you?

People unfamiliar with #Autism would probably assume that we,  as their parents are the key teaching.  They wouldn’t be wrong but at the same time,  wouldn’t be 100% right either. 

What a lot of people fail to realize is while,  yes,  we are teaching our kids with #Autism, they are also teaching us. 

I thought a great way to help raise #Autism Awareness would be to share something your child with #Autism has taught you…

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       -Lost and Tired

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Feb 22 2012

Learning the hard way


Sometimes lessons have to be learned the hard way.  No matter how many times I try to explain to my kids why we do something a certain way,  sometimes they just have to learn on their own.

The other day,  Emmett snuck out of the house.  Now,  I was out with Maggie in the yard at the time.  However,  he let himself out and without a coat on.

It was in the 50′s out so it wasn’t that cold.

However,  he refused to go back into the house.  When Lizze and I both tried to get him,  he ran deeper into the yard.

We explained that he’s not allowed to let himself out of the house.  Did he understand that?  Probably not,  but it feels like the right thing to do,  even if he doesn’t get it.

Anyway,  we were at a standoff.  Then from out of nowhere,  a huge drop of water landed on his shoulder. I thinking was from melting ice in the tree.

He immediately freaked out cause he hates getting wet and he hates his clothes getting wet even more.

He ran right back into the house.

I had to laugh to myself because of that wasn’t a natural consequence,  I don’t know what is.

Don’t get me wrong,  I’m not laughing at him but more at the situation and how it seemed to resolve itself.

You just can’t beat natural consequences

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       -Lost and Tired

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Nov 16 2011

Tough Calls


If any of you have been following me since this summer you will probably remember these posts; Betterment Helps the Lost and Tired family and CKP Heating and Cooling: Paying it. If you have a few minutes, these are both good reads, in the sense that you can see people helping other people.

Basically, The Foundation for Community Betterment is a not-for-profit that helps people at a local level, in way that actually improve the quality of life of the people they help. My family was lucky enough to be a recipient of this amazing organization. Betterment worked with CKP Heating and Cooling to provide my family with central air conditioning.

CKP Heating and Cooling actually donated the entire system. They were and still are an amazing company of kind and generous people.

The Foundation for Community Betterment is one of those rare organizations that set out to make a difference and actually do just that, make a difference. In this day and age, so many charity type organizations can overpromise and underdeliver. However, Betterment actually helps out people in their local community and they help them out in ways that truly does improve their lives. I honestly, can’t say enough about both of these organizations.

Tough Call

In the advent of recent events, moving my family has become a necessity. I don’t know when we will be able to move, all I know is we will be moving as soon ans humanly possible. I knew that I should call both Betterment and CKP Heating and Cooling  but I had put it off because, honestly, I didn’t know what to say and all this has happened rather quickly. I received a phone call from Betterment this morning because they had read about what was going on and wanted to find out what had happened.

I explained about all the violence and the one really close call a few weeks ago. I was pretty nervous because I’m rarely ever at a loss for words but in this situation, to say that I feel horribly guilty would be an understatement. I realize that we had no idea that any of this was going to happen and that moving would become a reality but these people helped to improve our home and now we have to walk away from that. Someone else could have benefited from their generosity.

Despite my feelings or guilt, I was reassured by Betterment that they completely understand. I wish I had called them before they called me, but nevertheless, they were supportive and words can not express how much relief that brought to me. Part of me was afraid they would be mad or angry with us for moving. I know that sounds childish, but I have such a deep respect for Betterment that I honestly, didn’t want to disappoint them. Does that make sense?

Speaking with them today was really nice. They truly are an amazing group of people and I will support them in any way that I can. I honestly, can’t express how much better they made me feel about this whole ordeal.

Learning from my previous mistake

After getting off the phone with Betterment,  I immediately contacted CKP Heating and Cooling. I wanted to make sure that I was the one that told them and not remake the same mistake I had made with Betterment by putting off the phone call.

So I called CKP Heating and Cooling and spoke with the very nice young woman that has been my contact there throughout this whole process. I explained what had happened and that we would be moving ASAP. I told her that I wanted them to hear this from me and she was once again very kind and understanding. I explained that I had no idea any of this was going to happen or I would have never accepted this in the first place.

I said that I would like to offer back everything that had donated since we would, at some point, be moving. Again, she was so understanding and made this difficult phone call so much easier for me.

I was honestly, very nervous about making this call and I feel like I rambled but I survived, much to the credit of CKP Heating and Cooling for their understanding and compassion.

Moving forward

We are still looking for a place to move to. However, after speaking with Betterment and CKP Heating and Cooling today, I feel so much better about continuing to move forward with the relocation of my family. I was feeling alot of guilt and anxiety about having to move after these organizations had reached out to improve our lives. After speaking with both Betterment and CKP Heating and Cooling,  I’m stilled amazed at just how compassionate and understanding they both are, especially in light of recently announcing that we will be moving.

Thank you Betterment and CKP Heating and Cooling.  You have made such a positive impact on my family and words can’t express how much respect and admiration I have for both of you. While I never could have predicted these events coming to pass, I’m so incredibly grateful for you understanding and support. Thank you so much for all that you have done for my family and for all the other families that you kindness and generosity has touched.

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Apr 05 2011

Grocery shopping with Gavin…


Managing a list.


Learning to make wise food choices.












Today I had to go grocery shopping. Gavin was along for the ride so I used the opportunity to teach him a few things. We only had a short time between dropping off and picking up the boys so we had to be quick. I put Gavin in charge of the grocery list. It was his job to tell me what we needed and once we got it, to scratch it off the list.

These are skills he needs to learn. He did a pretty good job. He didn’t like the fact we had to go out of order but he coped pretty well. I also had him focus on paying attention to everyone and everything around him. He tends to get lost in counting the floor tiles so we worked on ignoring the tiles and focusing on not walking into people and things. This is not an easy task for him but he did pretty well.
When you have Autistic kids you have to take every opportunity to teach them the life skills they need to have any sort of independence in the future. Even the gorcery store is full of valuable lessons……

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