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Dec 22 2012

How does this rank on the scale of weird?


Lizze and I were watching a movie tonight and someone very quietly began knocking on our front door.

It was really late and the guy was knocking so quietly that Maggie hadn’t even taken notice.

As soon as I realized someone was at the front door, I immediately was on my feet and Maggie and Bella both were on point.  I opened the front door but left the storm door closed and I actually physically held it shut in case this guy was stupid enough to try and do something with both dogs there.

This guy claimed to be my neighbor, which he wasn’t and kept asking for an extra audio /video cable.

It was really creepy because he kept asking, over and over again.  Then he turned around and walked away. 


Shortly after, a strange car pulled up in front of my house and sat there for about an hour.  Lizze actually called the police because we were getting concerned and felt uncomfortable. 

We both feel like we were being cased

Like they were feeling us out to see if we would be a good house to rob. Who the hell knows, I just know I feel uncomfortable enough to let the dogs have free reign of the house tonight. 

Gotta love the City of Canton. I’m mean who comes up to a strangers house at 10pm and asks for an audio/video cable?  Really??

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Dec 21 2012

What were we thinking moving Gavin home?


I wanted to keep you all updated on how Gavin has been doing since moving home earlier this week.

For those of you new to my blog, Gavin was moved out of the house about 2 months ago for behavioral reasons, and moved into his Grandparents house.

Gavin had been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder along with about a dozen other things, all serious. However, at this point in time, the RAD is the most serious of the mental health issues we are dealing with.

Gavin has become very, very volatile.


We were experiencing massive, house shaking tantrums upto several times a day. The other boys were terrified and Gavin, having no conscience, simply doesn’t care.

Gavin lacks the capacity to truly feel empathy for anyone and make or maintain healthy relationships. He’s lacking the needed neurological connections for that to be possible. 

Having said that, he’s very well socialized and so he knows the right things to say, but there is a big difference between meaning what you say and just knowing what to say.

As you can imagine, that makes things very challenging.

However, this week Gavin had to return to the hospital for an autonomic crisis, one of his many health problems. His brain does not control his autonomic functions properly and so he has to be very closely monitored.

Gavin had missed several weeks of one of his medications and was not always adhering to the very strict, vitally necessary regime, set forth by the experts at the Cleveland Clinic. This is what eventually led to his recent crisis.  There is very little room for error when it comes to his health and it’s an overwhelmingly daunting task.

After talking with his doctors, Lizze and in decided that he needed to move back home. It’s the only way that we can ensure that everything is done.  We have to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that he has his meds and does not stray from what was set out by his doctors.

The only way we can do this is by having firsthand knowledge of Gavin‘s day to day activities. The only way we can have that knowledge is by moving him home.

Aside from his health and safety, this is extremely important because until he’s medically stable, he can’t enter into residential treatment and get the help that he so desperately needs.

We are so incredibly grateful to Lizze’s parents for allowing him to live with them, and my parents for picking him up from school every day. Without the help of our families, I do think know of we would have made it this far.

At this junction, Gavin has been home for 2 full days.

He’s been doing pretty well and to ensure that he continues to behave, we are implementing a very ridged routine that will help him to make better choices. A huge thanks goes out to his principle at school for helping put this routine together. 

I should also thank wraparound for continuing to help us reach our goal of getting Gavin into residential treatment.

This is a very long and difficult journey and we’ve already been on it for almost 13 years now.

All we can do is our best for Gavin, while ensuring the best interests and safety of his brothers.  If he becomes too dangerous once again, we’ll have to figure something else out.  However, for right now, this is the only option we have. 

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Dec 14 2012

Use your words


I thought this was pretty funny.  This morning, I walked into the house from our meeting and apparently forgot to feed the tortoise before leaving. 

Needless to say, he didn’t look very happy with me as he sat there waiting for Mr to feed him. 

I thought use your words made a pretty good caption.  Do you have a better one?

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Dec 14 2012

Robby the snowman


Elliott‘s homework assignment for this week was to create a snowman from things around the house

This is what Elliott came up with. 

He’s super proud of this and so are we.  He decided to name his snowman Robby, after yours truly.  :-)

Super cool……..


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Dec 12 2012

Picking up the pieces, moving forward and finding balance


One of the big things that we have to do as a part of Operation Hope is trying to get our lives back together.

Of all the things that we have to accomplish and all the challenges that must be met, the most difficult for me is picking up the pieces and moving forward.

I realize that may sound a bit cliche but it is what it is. 


Trying to get our lives in track is no easy task.  In fact, at times I feel it’s impossible. 

I so desperately want to be free from all the baggage we’ve collected over the years.  I want to see the boys happy and healthy. I want to be caught up on our bills and dramatically improve our living environment.

However, to do this is challenging. 

As I walked around my house, I’m completely overwhelmed by chaos.  We love in a really old house and so dust is a big problem.  It’s an even bigger problem when you have kids with asthma.

I’m not lazy, I’m just constantly running around putting out one fire after another, with no end in sight.

When I do find time to straighten up, it’s undone before I can even sit down and enjoy the fruits of my labors.  It’s very much like raking leaves in the middle of Fall.  No sooner do you get the leaves raked and bagged, you turn around and the trees have vomited leaves all over the yard once again.

After a little while, it becomes discouraging and even demoralizing.

Aside from the housework, just staying on top of everything the boys need is a full time job in and of itself.

I haven’t figured out how to even know where to start and I think that’s key.

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Dec 11 2012

Coping with #Autism and Food Allergies


The Lost and Tired family isn’t new to food allergies.  However, past food allergies weren’t as serious as what we are now dealing with.

In the advent of Elliott‘s newly diagnosed tree nut allergy, I trying to figure out what the best approach is to eliminate those things from his diet


I guess my question is, if your child has a tree nut allergy, do you simply remove it from their diet or the entire house?

In our case, Elliott is the only one with this allergy and trying to find a balance between food he can eat and food everyone else can eat has been difficult.

Many times, Elliott simply refuses to eat because he either can’t eat what everyone else is eating or he is afraid that his food will make him sick.

As a child with aspergers and high levels of anxiety, he has a very difficult time with change. 

I’m wondering if we should move the whole family away from tree nuts.

To me, it seems like it would be easier to adjust the meals for everyone than it is to make two of everything.  I also think it might help Elliott to feel safer because he would know that everything in the house was safe to eat.

The school has already made sure that the lunch menu is allergen free and it is. 
We will be meeting with a nutritionist in the near future to further fine tune things. 

I just wanted to know what you folks thought. It’s one thing to hear something from someone who likely doesn’t live with or deal with the same struggles.  It’s another thing entirely to hear from people who are dealing with the same thing, day in and day out. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Also feel free to pose your own questions as well.  This is a very important topic and let’s cover this thoroughly.


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Dec 04 2012

#Autism, The @Swiffer and Endless Fun


As a father to 3 boys in different places on the #Autism spectrum, I have rarely found any one thing that can capture the attention of both Elliott and Emmett at the same time

Typically,  the only thing Web have found was video game related.

That was until last night.


In my fruitless effort to get my house in order, I picked up a box of replacement Swiffer heads.

I did a quick once over and was putting them away. Apparently, I caught the attention of Emmett who was wanting to know what the heck I was doing. 

Admittedly, it’s really sad that Emmett hasn’t witnessed me dusting enough in his 4 years of life, to know what dusting was. That’s a pretty big fail on my part as a parent.  :-(

I showed them how the Swiffer worked.

They each took a wand and a Swiffer head and went to town.  Elliott and Emmett worked in tandem and went through the entire house.  They were captivated by the fact that the dust stuck to the Swiffer but the Swiffer wasn’t sticky. 

Anyways, this occupied them for quite some time and they got some exercise as they jumped up and down as they reached for things higher up the wall.

They enjoyed this so much that they want to do this a few times a week. 

Talk about a win…… :-)

Now I just have to keep them stocked…..


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