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Here is the link to my ebay auction. The proceeds go to fixing our van (our only means of transportation) and hopefully covering at least one of Emmett’s desperately needed speech therapy sessions. Insurance just reduced his appointments to less then 3 times a month. He was going once a week and NEEDS to go twice a week according to his doctors and specialists. Also 10% of this auction will be donated via ebay to the Northeast Ohio Autism Group.

Here is the description as seen here at my auction page:

The purpose of this auction is to raise money to help in the care of my 3 Autistic kids and chronically ill wife.  I’m “ptfdmedic” the developer of the very popular midNIGHT ROM for the Epic 4G. I created this ROM for the sole purpose of spreading Autism Awareness (and it worked).  They can be found at and I honestly wish I didn’t have to do this but I’m selling this phone in order to fix our van. My wife and kids have doctors and therapies out of town and until I get the van fixed everything is on hold. While I wish I didn’t have to do this I feel good that I can. As a PROUD supporter of Autism Charities I am donating 10% of the winnings to the Northeast Ohio Autism Group. These donations go to help families like my own, struggling with Autism.

Please only bid if you are serious about wanting to win this auction. I have to require that payment be made via paypal immediatly following the conclusion of this auction. If immediate payment is not made I reserve the right to re-list the item. I have been scammed a few times and I have to protect myself. Thank you in advance for understanding. Now for the phone information.

This auction is for a re-manufactured Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint), essentially BRAND NEW and can be covered by Sprint TEP. The phone is brand new condition and has not been activated yet so the ESN is CLEAN. The phone is absolutely PERFECT. The screen is perfect as well as the rest of the phone. The auction includes the phone, battery x1, 16GB micro SD card x1,charger x1, microSD card adapter x1 and hands free set x1. The phone retails for around $550 without a 2 year contract. Think of how much money you’ll save by purchasing this phone from me without a contract renewal. Not only will you save money but you’ll be helping a special needs family and Autism Charity as well.  Just think of all the good karma. :)

I have included some extras to sweeten the deal if you use BUY IT NOW. This auction will include, 3 extra OEM batteries ($40 retail value each), 4 extra 16GB microSD cards ($50 retail value each),  5 extra OEM Backs ($10 retail value each) and a Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth wireless stereo headset ($100 retail value) with all accessories. These are yours for the BUY IT NOW PRICE. These extras total over $470 alone. Yours for the Buy It NOW Price. I have NO CONTROL over ebay removing the BUY IT NOW option after a certain point. Once the BUY IT NOW option has been removed (usually after several bids have been placed) this offer is OFF the table.

If the auction is won without using BUY IT NOW then you have just won an EPIC 4G and all original accessories. If you are looking for an Epic 4G and don’t want a new contract then look no further.If you are looking for an Epic 4G and TONS of EXTRAS then use the BUY IT NOW price. To be honest I hate doing this but it’s necessary to care for my family. You will a great deal with no additional contract and be helping a good cause at the same time. More pictures are available upon request. This auction is going to be short as we need the income ASAP so good luck bidding and enjoy your day.
– Lost and Tired

Please Vote for Lost and Tired (just click the link) and help me spreadautism Awareness. Everyone can Vote once a day 🙂 Registered & Protected
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