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Sep 15 2012

Lost and Tired and CNN


For those that missed it, I wrote an article for CNN this past April. Since I have a ton of new readers, I thought I would share it again.

I wrote this for #Autism Awareness month 2012. I really hope to continue doing things like this because it reaches such a large audience and #Autism awareness is spread.


Click the CNN logo below, to visit the article.


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Apr 16 2012

Lost and Tired is on CNN


A heart shattered by a glimpse into autism


I’m soooooo extremely excited to announce that my article is live on right now. You can click the link in the title above or simply click here. Please take a second and read this for me and for yourself. This is #Autism Awareness month and we can all use a bit of awareness. it’s kinda like, you can never be to old to learn something new.

So please show me some love and support by checking the article out and sharing it if you feel the need. Please your feed back on the CNN site. I truly appreciate your time as I know how valuable it is.


Thank you Madison and thank you CNN for helping to spread #Autism Awareness..


A heart shattered by a glimpse into autism

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Apr 08 2012

Lost and Tired + CNN = #Autism Awareness


I have been working on something and have been pretty hush hush about it. However, I think I can let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. :-)

I’m soooooo excited to share with you all that I have written my 1st article for CNN. I’m told the article will go live sometime tomorrow. This article is for #Autism Awareness month and I really hope it helps to educate those that aren’t as familiar with #Autism and help them to have a better understanding of what lies beneath the surface. It’s so important for the future of not only my kids but all children and adults with #Autism, that the world see them for who they really are. They are all amazing people in their own unique way and deserve our respect, compassion and understanding.

Hopefully my words will help to foster this. If even one single person learns something from my experience, I think that’s a step in the right direction :-)

I’ll pass along the link when the article goes live. It’s supposed to be published on Monday, April 9th. When it does go live, please take a few minutes and check it out. I would love to hear your feedback.

Thank you all for being so amazingly supportive :-)

Update:The article has not gone live yet. As soon as it does, I’ll pass along the link and I would love to get some feedback on the CNN site. :-)



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Dec 31 2011

Lost and Tired: Lifenin 2011 (pt 2)


As promised,  the list of victories the Lost and Tired has been blessed with in 2011. If you read the previous post,  you may notice that some of the things on this list were not the previous list as well.  That’s because some things are blessings in disguise.

This list felt really good to make because it shows just how far we have come this year.

1) I met the “Bare Handed Man”.

2)  Emmett began talking :-)

3)  Our van worked some of the time.

4)  Lizze reconnected with her awesome friend/sister Vet and her amazing family.

5)  Lizze recovered from surgery.

6)  Emmett recovered from surgery.

7)  Surgery broken up Emmett’s fevers.

8)  I made many,  many new friends through this blog.

9)  We were blessed by Betterment’s generosity.

10)  We were blessed by the generosity of countless people across the globe.

11)  Elliott is now at a school that appreciates him.

12)  Gavin continues to thrive at school.

13)  Elliott is excelling academically.

14)  The Lost and Tired blog has experienced exponential growth this year with over 752,000 hits.

15)  I worked with and befriended some of the most amazing people within the Android community.

16)  My writing was tweeted by Alyssa Milano.  :-)

17)  I was interviewed by CNN.

18)  We were blessed by the generosity of Motorola Mobility.

19)  I made an amazing contact at Samsung.

20)  Lizze and I have a stronger marriage then we did last year.  :-)

21)  I was almost killed in a drive by shooting,  but wasn’t.  That’s positive right?

22)  Despite all the challenges,  we have made it another year.

23)  Blessed because we have some of the best doctors in the world working to help figure out what is happening to Gavin.

24)  I’m blessed because I have the best readers ever.

25)  I’m blessed because my wife and kids are absolutely amazing and they continue to put up with me.  :-)

This is just some of the positive things that have happened to my family this year.  :-)

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Oct 20 2011

Medication Miracles


As many of you are already aware, Gavin has been on a necessary but crazy amount of medications for a long time (See: My interview on CNN). Gavin was taking almost 9 different medications per day. This was necessary in order to help manage some of his health and mental health issues. As much as we hated to have him take these medication, they improved the quality of his life and the results were tough to argue.

With that said, my wife and I feel very strongly about constantly reviewing the need for medications. Meaning that, if they are needed, we don’t want him to take them. Our doctors are very good and reevaluating the need for medications and are by no means overzealous about prescribing them. While it may seem excessive, It’s important to note that Gavin is very, very complex and breaks the mold in many areas. So, for most children this may have been excessive, however, with Gavin is really wasn’t.

Anyway, on with the update.

I’m very excited to be able to say that currently, Gavin is down down to 4 medications. He’s on Clozapine to manage the Schizoaffective Disorder, Lithium to manage the Bipolar side of the Schizoaffective Disorder, reflux and asthma meds. Oh..and a multivitamin.

This is a major accomplishment for Gavin. He will need the Clozapine and Lithium long term and well as the asthma and reflux medications but this marks a significant decrease in the amount of medication he needs to essentially survive everyday life.

Whether or not this stays this way is yet to be determined. Gavin is constantly changing and the need for more medications may present itself at some point. We will however, cross that bridge when we get to it.

For now, I’m glad to have been able to remove some of the medications from his life and even happier that he is maintaining without them. :-)


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May 23 2011

Pills and Politics: My CNN interview


Little people, lots of pills: Experts debate medicating kids by Madison Park

Hey everyone. I wanted to share the story I was interviewed for by CNN.

I woke up to this today on my phone.

It’s about medicating children and as many of you are aware, Gavin is a perfect example of children that NEED medication. While reading this it’s VERY important to keep in mind that Gavin is an extreme case. MOST children will never need this amount of medication but some will. With Gavin, we have an army of top specialists for everything. Everyone works together for Gavin’s best interest. It’s also VERY important to understand that Gavin is medicated for his benefit and quality of life. While it does make life easier for everyone, Gavin’s safety (as well his younger brothers) and quality is our paramount concern. Anyone that takes the time to get to know us knows we don’t take medication lightly. With Gavin, medication is simply a part of his life.

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May 21 2011

How About a bit of good news for a change


I chronical the experiences in our lives in the manner in which they happen. More often then not, it’s bad news, well more like, not good news. On occasion, when the good stuff happens I want to make sure I share that as well. I’m very aware of how depressing this blog can be at times. However, I tend to look at it this way. Despite ALL that we are living through, we somehow manage to persevere. I think that’s a very REAL positive. That’s how I choose to look at the content of this blog. Now, as I mentioned before I do have some positive news to report.

Earlier this week I make arrangements with Cinema Libre Studio to do a Loving Lampposts: Living Autistic give-a-way. I haven’t figured out how I’m going to give it away yet. It’s a great film and you can read my review here. It’s even better when it’s FREE.. So stay tuned for more details.

I was interviewed this week by CNN for a story that’s running on Monday. When the story goes live I’ll get a link and be sure to post it here. I’m pretty excited to be a part of this, thanks Madison.

Let’s see…what else.. Oh..Emmett is doing really well in the potty training department. He has learned to go both #1 and #2 in the potty.. I’m really proud of him as I know this wasn’t the easiest thing for him.

Elliott will be attending his very first “friend” birthday party on Sunday. He’s really excited but honestly I not sure who’s more excited, him or me. He picked out the present he’s going to bring and even the card. We have to get it wrapped today so he’s ready for tomorrow.

Lizze and I got to FINALLY go out last night. We went to dinner and a movie for the first time in years. We saw the new Pirates movie. It was just nice being able to finally get away for a little bit.

Lizze and I are getting closer to launching out medical binders. Hopefully these will help to support our family. We still need a name for them and it’s taking a bit because of everything else going on in our lives.

So this is some positive stuff….right? These are all good things in my book. I’m very happy to be able to share some positive news for once. :) I have a few more posts I would like to do today but they will have to wait until after the grass gets cut.

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