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Mar 17 2013

My newest #Autism Awareness T-Shirt released: Starts at $10


I wanted to share with all of you my newest t-shirt design. This is focused on spreading the word about Autism Awareness Month. Aside from spreading Autism Awareness, my goal is to make these as affordable and accessible as possible.

Today’s release starts at only $10 and shares the message that “April is for Autism Awareness“.

This is one of my favorites and I hope you find it pleasing and something you would sport to show your support for Autism Awareness.

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Mar 21 2012

How I got a PlayStation Vita


This is more for the techies out there that like video games.  :-)

I have been playing video games since before Nintendo was even know the radar. I was always fascinated by them. 

Fast forward to present day and my kids have all followed in my footsteps. I’m sure you have heard me talk about Elliott and his 3DS -thanks to Best Buy- as well as Gavin obsession with video games.

I have had a game console on and off for years. I would purchase an XBOX 360 or PS3 with tax return,  when money allowed for it. 

Inevitably,  at some point throughout the year something would happen and I would either sell it to come bills or trade it in to GameStop because it was causing to many problems with the kids,  namely Gavin. I would get tired of the drama in the house because of something related to video games.

I hated getting rid of them because they were an escape for me. I loved Call of Duty and burned off a great deal frustration online playing team deathmatch.

Last year at tax return I decided to get an XBOX 360 back with tax return in January 2011. It worked out great for a long time and the kids loved Kinect.  However,  it started to die and rather then deal with Microsoft,  we I traded it in to GameStop.  They said they would refurbish it anyway.

Between,  in store credit I had been sitting on and everything I was trading in,  it was an even swap into a PS3 and a few used games.

That worked out well for a few months but within the past 30 days or so, it became a source of frustration once again because,  when anyone would play it,  Emmett would rip the controller out of their hands.  Then of course,  the screaming and the yelling would follow.  As much as I liked it,  I couldn’t deal with all the fighting. We had tried all kinds of things to make it work but Emmett is very challenging and it just wasn’t worth it.

What I would do typically,  is trade it in and just sit on the credit.

However,  recently Best Buy began taking in trades and so I thought I would check it out.  I ended up trading in some old electronic stuff,  all my PS3 games and cashing in my reward zone points I had been saving for a rainy day and getting a PlayStation Vita.  I actually got more in credit than what I needed,  so that was cool.

I took the actual PS3 system into GameStop and had it added to my in store credit.  I grabbed a few accessories for the Vita and saved the rest for later.

This worked out quite well because I didn’t have to spend a single penny and I have credit left over for other things later.  Now I can play my games anywhere and then put it up and out of the way.  Hardware-wise,  it’s pretty darn close to the PS3 in terms of graphics,  which is really cool.

But the most important thing is that I found a way to have my escape and not have it create drama in the house.  It’s kinda like having my cake and eating it to.

Sometimes I have to be creative in order to make things work.  Since I couldn’t stand the fighting over what we had,  I turned it into something I could still enjoy and it didn’t cost me anything.  When you don’t have a lot of money or any at all for that matter,  it takes patience and some creativity to obtain any type of luxury item.

This is the only material thing I have left and I feel good that I was able to still have my escape and solve a problem at the same time. 

If you have old TV’s, computers, printers ect,  take them into Best Buy and get a gift card in exchange.  They aren’t worth anything to sell for cash but maybe you can get something with the gift card that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, like I did.  :-)

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Mar 05 2012

The new van just broke down


The goddamn van just broke down on the way back from Akron Children’s Hospital.  We had stopped by GameStop so Elliott could use his birthday money to buy something for his 3DS. 

Lizze was waiting in the van because she’s having a rough time walking.

When I left, I shut the van off out of habit.  After a few minutes Lizze tried to start the van because it was getting to cold.  She tried to start the van with the remote start and everything went nuts. 

The van started and stopped and started and stopped.  Then it was trying to turn on at random times,  even with no key in the ignition.

My Dad is on his way to rescue us and see if trying to jump start the van will work.

I’m sooooo pissed off right now because not only did I just buy this van a few weeks ago,  I had to buy this van because two a$$holes stole and then totaled out the van we originally had. 

I’m pissed off because we had to literally spend everything we had,  every last penny of our tax return that was desperately needed for us to survive the winter and move out of this neighborhood.  It all went into this van. 

Now we’re sitting here,  stranded once again.  This time it’s just Lizze and Elliott with me and not the entire Lost and Tired family.

Hopefully,  it’s just the battery and not something more expensive. 

Goddamnit,  I think my head is going to explode.


**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Jan 22 2012

Thank you Best Buy


I’ve mentioned a few times about Elliott’s broken DSi.  I explained that while we have the extended warranty,  Elliott picked the sticker with the serial number,  of the bottom.

This has prevented us from getting his DSi replaced. 

Yesterday,  on a whim,  I went to best Best Buys and spoke with the general manager, Bob Lewis.  I explained that Elliott has Autism and picked the serial number sticker off the bottom of his DSi.

I told him that since that had happened,  his DSi had stopped working correctly.  We had wanted to get it replaced but I was told it wasn’t possible because the serial number was missing.

He asked me to wait a few minutes and he would look into it. 

He came back and explained that the problem with doing the exchange is that the store would likely not receive credit from Nintendo for the return.

However,  having said that,  he said he would be happy to take the loss.  He gave me his business card and write a note,  approving the exchange.

I can’t even begin to explain how awesome that made me feel.  This DSi has been really frustrating Elliott and we were gonna try to replace it with tax return.  However,  since we will likely be out of a van now,  we had to re-prioritize.

I was so excited.

As soon as Elliott came home from his grandparents,  I told him we could get it replaced.

He and I went to Best Buy and approached the customer service counter.  I explained that we had spoken to the manager and he said we could exchange his broken DSi under warranty.

Not only did they replace it,  they let him pick out a 3DS as a replacement. They evolved Elliott and made sure it was what he wanted and they did the exchange.

He is beyond thrilled. 

Later on,  traded my PS3 games in to GameStop,  so that he could get some 3DS games.

Between the trade-ins and their buy 2 get one free,  he walked out with used copies of Mario 3D, the Zelda remake and the new StarFox without having to spend anything other then the trades.

It felt so good to be able to do that for him.
I want to thank Best Buy for their understanding and compassion.  They didn’t have to replace the DSi.

I was very impressed by their actions and the fact that they involved, Elliott in the process to ensure he got what he wanted.

For that reason,  I consider Best Buy to be an Autism friendly store. 

Thank you Best Buy.


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Dec 22 2011

Prayers and good thoughts are needed


Please say a prayer for Lizze.  She went into the emergency room a little bit ago.  Her migraine is so bad that she has become unsteady on her feet and sick every time she eats.  It’s also been 3 days since she has been able to sleep.

I had to sorta strong arm her in order to get her to go.  She is very reluctant to go to the hospital because of the approach many doctors take to patients suffering with fibromyalgia.

In our experience,  there are quite a few doctors that don’t buy into this disorder and subsequently treat those seeking relief as drug seekers. While there are people out there looking for their next fix,  people with fibromyalgia, live every single day in almost constant pain.

Wanting relief from the pain isn’t wrong or weak.  I can’t imagine what my wife goes through on a daily basis.

Her mother came and picked Lizze up and took her.  It was the quickest and easiest way to get her there.  I’m staying with the boys until my mother comes and picks up Emmett.  

Please say a prayer for Lizze.  You can follow her at @fibromamaby3

Thank you all..

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Dec 03 2011

Lost and Tired’s Android app of the day 12/03/2011


Featured Android app of the day


Today’s featured app comes from Walgreens Pharmacy. The app is simply titled: Walgreens <—- Click here to download

The Lost and Tired house has been using this app since it was released. Basically, you can refill your prescription buy simply scanning the bar code on your prescription bottle with the camera on your Android device. Once you have successfully scanned the bar code, you select the location of the pharmacy nearest you. Everything is done automatically after that.

We manage a great deal of prescriptions, especially with my wife’s health issues. The app by Walgreens has helped to streamline and simplify things. I would whole heartedly recommend this app to anyone the uses Walgreens Pharmacy for their prescriptions.


I have used this app, myself, many times and it really does make things easier. You can also browse the Walgreens weekly ad and order photo prints from your local store as well.


I would highly recommend this app to anyone with an Android device that uses the Walgreens Pharmacy. As special needs parents, we have our hands full with everyday life. Anything that can make life just a little bit easier… a great thing.

This is an example of technology, truly making life a bit better.

Download and Install


Click Me

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Oct 10 2011

Manic Monday 10/10/2011



Welcome to my Manic Monday.

Diapers anyone?

After a restless night’s sleep, I was only semi-ready to face another Manic Monday. Everyone has been at each others throats all morning and Emmett has been in rare form. I have no idea what’s going on with him but he has been very aggressive with Lizze and his brothers lately.

He is absolutely miserable because of his current Marshall’s Syndrome flare up. He hasn’t been dealing with much of a fever so far but his mouth is full of cold sores. These are very painful and likely the driving force behind his aggressive behavior lately. However, that doesn’t change the fact that his aggression triggers a domino effect. Emmett will lash out at Elliott and then Elliott will start to scream and that will set Gavin off as well as Emmett. Lizze is already dealing with a migraine and so this causes her even more pain.

This cycle just seems to perpetuate the insane amount of chaos that is present at this point. Emmett has also decided that he will only wear diapers now. We don’t have any left as he has been potty trained for most of 2011. However, Emmett is now boycotting his underwear. If he can’t wear a diaper than he just won’t wear anything. This freaks out the little germaphobe inside of Elliott (see: Diapers and Penis Germs). Elliott now becomes very anxious and I have to spend the rest of the day hearing about Emmett’s butt and penis germs.  It’s only 10:00am…. This is not a good sign of things to come.

The Diaper Saga/Drama Continues

I thought we were done with this diaper drama today but not even close.

Emmett has basically been screaming for about 7 hours because he wants to wear a diaper again. He is convinced that we are hiding them somewhere (which we aren’t). So he is searching the entire house, including the refrigerator. In the middle of all of this, Gavin had his first PT appointment today and Lizze was not doing well enough to be able to watch the boys or take Gavin to PT.

I had to call my mother and ask if she could take Gavin for me. She said sure, but also offered to simply watch the other boys.

I asked Emmett if he wanted to go, but if he did, he would have to wear his underwear and get dressed. The little booger looked right at me and said “fine”. He then got himself dressed without any problems.

I had tried everything today I could think of but nothing worked. I even offered to take him to the buy crickets for Toothless and that didn’t work….and that’s my go to plan on these days. Anyway, after 7 hours of this diaper dramaI’ll take what I can get.

A Million Miles An Hour

Gavin helps to put the manic in Manic Monday. He is likely, quite literally, manic. I think we need to get his Lithium levels checked again. He will not stop talking….ever. It’s driving me up a wall.

I love him to pieces but he just goes on and on…endlessly. All day long he’s been talking at a million miles an hour. It has given me a massive headache and honestly, he’s driving me crazy. He will just want into a room and start talking to you. He is completely oblivious to anyone that you may have already been talking to. Can you say impulsive?

We have been following behind Gavin and reminding him of where he’s supposed to be and what he’s supposed to be doing. I don’t know how much is memory loss or how much is simple distraction.

Gavin’s first PT session went pretty well. He just wouldn’t stop talking. I had to remind him over and over to focus on what he was being told to do. However, as I said, he did very well.

Random Craziness

In other news today, my Subway  BOGO peelers went missing.The thief was caught on camera, and as seen here.

This same thief was also caught on tape, streaking through out the house. This little deviant, seems to have a very low tolerance for other people playing video games or watching TV. He will streak through the house, on his anti-underwear campaign and shut the TV’s off, where ever he finds them in use.

If you happen to stumble across this person, do not approach. He is believed to have at least 15 hostages. We can’t afford to have any of those BOGO Subway coupons put in harms way.

I’m reasonably sure that he can smell fear a mile away, some keep your emotions in check if you cross paths and whatever you do, don’t look him in the eye.

In the video below, Emmett was on his diaper hunt. Much like the elusive snipe, one was never found. I’m looking at this in a humorous way as a means of self-preservation. I was actually quite distressed by Emmett obvious anxiety over this whole diaper…thing.


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