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Jun 23 2012

Finding help for my family: An Honesty Post


This post is meant to help dispel the stigma attached to families that sometimes need help. I want everyone to know that it happens to the best of us, including the Lost and Tired family. You shouldn’t feel alone because you aren’t. :)


Many times parents and even more so, special needs parents,  have to do things they are always proud of in order to do whats best for their family.  When you’re a special needs parent,  it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of responsibility and work that goes into the care of your special needs children,  that you can often find yourself behind the 8 ball.

Speaking for myself,  I was not prepared for the health issues and diagnoses of autism my family has received over the years.

We knew about Gavin’s aspergers just before Elliott was born.  Comparatively speaking,  Elliott seemed typical and we hadn’t suspected anything.  When Emmett came along 2 years later,  we knew something wasn’t right with him. Both Elliott and Emmett ended up being diagnosed with Autism or Aspergers pretty close together.

Emmett was diagnosed first and Elliott followed shortly after.

I guess my point is that sometimes,  there’s simply no way to prepare for these things.  These challenges,  as I like to call them,  don’t always present themselves right away,  such is the case with Autism,  at least for my family. I ask that you keep this in mind before judging my family or others like mine.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I wanted to talk about something a little sensitive.  It’s sensitive in the sense that I’m not exactly proud that things have come down to this for us.  While it’s a temporary situation,  it’s still difficult for me not to be embarrassed or uncomfortable admitting this and openly discussing it.

Having said that,  I realize that by sharing this with all of you, perhaps it will help someone in a similar position to get the help they need for their family and perhaps be more comfortable doing it. I have a great many people that read this blog every day and I’m hoping that my honesty will help to dispel some of the stigma attached to what I’m going to talk about.

If nothing else,  at least you’ll know that you aren’t alone and sometimes that really makes a difference.

Okay..deep breath..  

With the boys being home from school now and Emmett’s special dietary needs,  we have been having a difficult time making the most of our grocery budget.  For 9 months of the year,  Gavin and Elliott eat breakfast and lunch at school, making things a bit more manageable.

For the month of June,  we simply ran out of resources and this morning had to visit a food pantry.  Lizze was actually the one that went because it was easier for her than watching the boys.

Words can’t explain what it feels like to come to the realization that something like this is necessary for your family to survive. It makes me feel like a complete failure as a husband and especially as a father.  I try so hard to be as self-reliant as I possibly can.  When this happened today,  it really hit me hard.  If I had to list the top 3 feelings I’m experiencing about this turn of events,  I would say,  embarrassment,  humiliation and humbling.

There is a huge stigma attached to things like food pantries. There is the assumption that just because someone visits a food pantry that they are somehow irresponsible with their money or maybe to lazy to get a job.

While that may be true of some people,  it’s unfair to assume that it applies to everyone else.

I can tell you from Lizze’s experience this morning,  that it’s not easy to go to a food pantry and ask for help. It takes a great deal of courage,  pride swallowing and love for your family to so something like this. I have a hard time believing that anyone would do this if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

Lizze’s experience this morning was that she was treated with respect and dignity,  throughout the entire process. That made things a bit easier and less embarrassing.

I hope that if any of you out there find yourself in a similar situation that you realize that it’s okay to get help. Doing so won’t necessarily be easy but it will help your family to survive and that’s what really matters.

If you are putting off doing something like this for some of the reasons I mentioned above,  don’t.  There is nothing wrong with needing help.  It happens the very best of us. I want you to remember that you aren’t the only one that has had to swallow their pride in order to get their family through a difficult time.

I want you know you are not alone.  We all need help sometimes and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.  It takes a strong person to do right by their family regardless of the reasons they find themselves in need of help or what they have to do to get it.

The Lost and Tired family has had to ask for help today.  If you need it,  please don’t be afraid to do the same.

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Jan 30 2012

I have one thing to say about the DSM V


Admittedly,  I’m not an expert on the changes being made and I don’t own a crystal ball in order to predict how each person and family will be affected. 

However,  it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that at least part of the motive behind these changes,  is to curb an epidemic without actually addressing the problem.

Having said that,  I do have one thing to say to those making these changes.

“By changing the definition of what Autism is,  you’re not making anything better. Sure,  fewer people will be diagnosed, but that’s only because you’re choosing to ignore the rest that are not as obviously affected by it”.

Maybe the change is needed but perhaps it should be put off until we better understand the impact these changes will have.

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Oct 22 2011



Emmett did some very cool things this week in OT.  He climbed the rock wall and superman jumped off the platform and crashed into the giant pillows. He also did the washing machine as well.

The rock wall was for strengthening and the superman jump provided the impact type input that he needs.  However,  the coolest thing was the washing machine.  They filled a giant cloth bag with balls from a ball pit.  Then,  Emmett climbed inside and they sorta shook the bag so that he was kinda tumbling in the balls.  It basically,  works to help desensitize him.  He loved it.

He did really well once again and I’m very proud of him.  B-)


– Lost and Tired

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Aug 25 2011

What is Occupational Therapy (part 6)


The activity highlighted in this video is the weighted ball. This my very favorite Occupational Therapy activity, at least from my perspective. Emmett really seems to enjoy both throwing and catching the ball. It provides great feedback to Emmett as well as strengthening his upper body. I would think that he would also increase his coordination as well.

Basically, Emmett throws a weighted ball at a trampoline and catches it as it bounces back. The ball he is using in this video weighs about 2 lbs. I believe the other balls weigh in at about 4 and 6 lbs. As Emmett gets bigger and stronger he will move up to the medium sized ball and then to the large ball. We actually have the same trampoline at home, although we don’t have the weighted ball. That is something I would like to do at some point so Emmett and Gavin both can practice this at home. This actually reminds me of when I was kid, I had something similar that I would throw a baseball at and practice catching it in my baseball glove.

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Jun 29 2011



Gavin is having a bit of a hard time as of late. He is making choices that are causing people (Elliott and Emmett) to get hurt. Last night he slammed the door in Emmett’s face, literally. He didn’t want Emmett to disrupt Elliott playing the DSi (which translates to Gavin being able to watch). So he raced past Emmett and then as Emmett was walking into the room, Gavin slammed the door on him, hitting him in the face.

Yesterday, Gavin playing basketball in the dining room and ran Emmett over racing him to the ball.  Today, while at ACH, Gavin did the same thing to Emmett while again in the play room. This time he shoved Emmett into the wall while racing past him.

This is getting old REAL fast and someone is going to get really hurt. Gavin just doesn’t think about what he does before he does it and people are getting hurt. We try to get him to slow down but nothing really helps.



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Feb 15 2011

Maggie, clean up in isle 3


I love Maggie I really do. I love the fact that she is there to clean up all of “life’s little messes”. The kids drop food and she is right there like a super hero vacuum clear to suck it right up. If the kids spill a drink she’s right there to lick it up without even being asked. Tonight when Emmett puked up his dinner all over the floor she fought her way through the ensuing chaos to clean up “life’s little mess”.

Actually, I don’t know if I should love her for that or be disgusted by it……..

Oh and Emmett is feeling much, much better now that he pee’d in the bath water. You’ll be please to know that he is now resting comfortably in bed probably dreaming about his balls…..Ya know the ones from his ball pit. What did ya think I meant?  Never-mind. Get your mind out of the gutter…. Honestly.

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