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Apr 18 2011

Story time with Gavin: My Autistic son reads to you 🙂


For those who haven’t seen the this earlier, Gavin is very busy creative writing. I offered to record him reading the story so he could watch himself. We decided to post it on the blog because Gavin wants to share this story with all of you. So basically, my Autistic 11 year old decided to step outside of his usual comfort zone to do this for all of you. So I’m  supporting that idea because I think he will grow from this experience and it makes him feel good about himself. Please feel free to leave him POSITIVE feedback. For anyone who has never met anyone with Autism, just watch the videos and you will.


This is volume 1. It’s divided into 2 parts:


Mario Party 9: The adventure through two places (Game/Story Book)


Part 1

YouTube Preview Image


Part 2


YouTube Preview Image





-lost and tired

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Apr 15 2011

Mason Allen Medlam


Hey everyone, if you get a minute (and even if you don’t have a minute, make the time) PLEASE visit “Like” and “Share” the Mason Allen Medlam Facebook page. If there was EVER a cause to support this is it. Please help spread the word. I don’t typically do things like this, that’s how STRONGLY I believe in what they are doing.

Here is a direct quote from their page:

On July 27, 2010 my five year old autistic son, Mason Medlam, wandered from our home and drowned in a neighbor’s pond. He died two days later.

This page is dedicated to raising autism awareness, wandering prevention, and wandering safety.
We miss Mason more than can ever be expressed. We love you, Bubby.


-Lost and Tired

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Apr 13 2011

My Autistic son shares his story…


Gavin has been writing these stories. He’s very proud of them and I asked him if he would like to share his story. I offered to record Gavin reading his book and then post it hear for all to enjoy. He is so excited and PROUD of himself for having the courage to do this. For a child with Autism to step outside of their comfort zone and be willing to do something like this is HUGE. If you are familiar with Autism in any way you will understand how much courage it took for him to do this. It’s a bit sloppy on the recording but all I have is my phone to record it.  Please share this and help Gavin share his story. Tonight is just chapter 1. I’ll have the rest fixed for tomorrow.


Please post POSITIVE feedback ONLY. This is a really big deal for him and I for one am VERY proud.  🙂

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