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Mar 02 2013

Please join the My #Autism Help Forum and help me to help others


Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could talk to someone that understands? Someone that get’s it. Personally, I know what that’s like and I decided to do something about it.

I want to encourage everyone to join the My Autism Help Forums.

The My Autism Help Forums are designed by me and run on the industry standard Autism Help 512_512forum software, vBulletin. Because I own, manage and enforce rules in the forums, they are a safe place to speak your mind, vent or ask/answer questions. There is a zero tolerance for bullying or harassing. I want everyone to feel free to share without fear of repercussions from other members.

We don’t always have to agree with each other. I do however, require that you treat everyone with dignity and respect.


The forums are readable by anyone but you can only post or comment if you are a member. Membership is free and is a quick and painless process. You do need to verify your registration via email but that’s it.

I recently rebuilt the forums from scratch and reorganized them in a way that’s much more user friendly and accessible.

Right now I’m simply working on getting the conversation started once again.

Stop on by and introduce yourself in the Meet and Greet forum or jump in on a conversation that strikes your interest. There are parents in there right now, looking for advice from you. Believe it or not, you can make a big difference in someone’s life by simply sharing your experience.

Let’s get these forums rocking once again and provide each other with support. Help me rebuild the community and be part of something truly amazing.

I know it’s hard it can be a little scary to open up, especially to people you don’t know. Having said that, I truly believe in my heart, that by taking the plunge, you will find a wealth of information and experience that could benefit your life.

You can find the My Autism Help Forums either by clicking the link at the top of this post or the My Autism Help Forums logo to the right.

If you have any problems with registration, please let me know so I can fix it.

There are 2 easy ways to access the Autism Help Forums via your mobile device.

1) The Autism Help app This is the OFFICIAL My Autism Help app (android only)

2) The TapaTalk app (android and iOS) I only have links for the android app. Check the Apple app store for this app.

For all the latest information on the #Autism Help Forums, follow us on Twitter (@MyAutismHelp).


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Jan 15 2013

@IdolianTab’s IdolPad 9 android tablet giveaway #2


Update: The entry form is at the bottom of this post, it’s just loading slowly.

IdolPad 9 android tablet giveaway #2

Lost and Tired is proud to work with Idolian, in conjunction with to do this android tablet giveaway. This is the second of three giveaways the will be taking place in January of 2013.

I wanted to make sure I told you to check out Idolian’s website because they have tons of great tech for a very reasonable price.

Now let’s get to the details.

This giveaway is for one (1) IdolPad 9 android tablet. This is the 2nd of three tablet giveaways in the next few weeks.

The IdolPad 9 is a 9 inch tablet powered by android 4.0 (ICS) from Google. Below are some specs for you to check out and get a better idea of what this tablet is.20121226_154451. _wm

9 inch TFT-LCD screen, 800 x 480 (16:9)
Capacitive 5 Points Multi-touch
Cortex A8
System Speed: up to 1.2 GHz
Built-in 8GB
External Micro-SD card supported, from 512MB to 32GB
System Google Android 4.0 OS
Wi-Fi: Built-in Wi-Fi Module, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n.
Network 3G: Support external 3G USB Dongle.
Camera Front camera: 0.3 Mega
Games G-Sensor 3D games supported
Video 1,080P videos supported
Standard Accessories: Charger, earphone, user manual, Battery 4,500 mAh (work time: 7 ~ 9 hours)
USB cable, OTG cable and Gift Box. Other Functions

My personal experience with the IdolPad 9

I’ve had a couple of weeks to get to know this device. Basically, this is an entry level android tablet. This particular device is not meant to be an iPad killer by any means.

Entry level tablet means that this is a great tablet for anyone looking to get their feet wet and experience an android tablet at a very, very affordable price.

My kids have been playing with this tablet for a couple of weeks now and it’s worked out pretty well for them.

We have used this device to stream Netflix and watch ripped DVD’s from our personal collection. The IdolPad 9 handles these tasks with relative ease and efficiency. The boys have also played their educational games by Intellijoy as well as enjoys games like Angry Birds, Where’s My Water, Where’s My Perry and Sprinkle. 20121221_161034. _wm

The resolution is 800×600, which is pretty low, especially when compared to the iPad or more advanced android tablets. However, what may seem like a weakness actually works out well, especially for younger kids. The 800×600 resolution makes the icons larger and easier to use for kids, especially those on the #autism spectrum.

My kids really like using this tablet and have benefited from their time with it. My hope is that your child will too. :-)

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Dec 10 2012

Recommended android apps for kids with #autism



I thought I would help you fill that shiny new android tablet you just got with some amazing apps. Below you will find a list of educational apps, all of which I have personally played with my own kids. These are all created by a company called Intellijoy.

Intellijoy is the #1 developer of educational apps on the entire Google Play Store, and for good reason. 

Every one of these apps will work fantastically on the highly recommended Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Check out the extensive list below and click on the app title, located beneath each icon, for a direct link to the install button located on the Google Play Store. Please note that there are both paid and free versions of these apps.

This gives you the ability to play before you buy. My kids love these apps and they have become staples on all of our devices. :-)

I hope this helps. Enjoy and please leave your feedback below.

Android Apps

  • Kids Animals Lite Free


    Kids Will Love This Latest App from Intellijoy If your child loves visiting the zoo, they will love Intellijoy‘s latest app, Kids Animals.

  • Kids Reading (Preschool) FREE

    Kids Reading (Preschool) FREE


    The long awaited sequel to our best-selling KIDS ABC PHONICS. The paid verson has 15 extra words in the first and the third activities as well as child-lock functional…

  • Kids Shapes (Preschool)

    Kids Shapes (Preschool)


    A hands-on, real-life way for kids to learn shapes. A hands-on, real-life way for kids to learn shapes.

  • Kids Preschool  Puzzle Lite

    Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite

    An educational and entertaining game for preschoolers with beautiful graphics. This app is now optimized for both phones and tablets. 

  • Kids Numbers and Math Lite

    Kids Numbers and Math Lite

    A fun way for kids to learn numbers and build basic math skills. This app is now optimized for both phones and tablets. 

  • Kids Connect the Dots Lite

    Connect all the dots and reveal the beautiful picture with this fun kids game. This app is now optimized for both phones and tablets.

  • Kids ABC Letters FREE

    Kids ABC Letters FREE

    A fun way way to learn the ABCs from the leading edugames publisher.

  • Kids Connect the Dots Xmas

    Kids Connect the Dots Xmas

    Thrill Your Little Ones This Holiday Keep the kids quiet this holiday season with a festive-themed, musical version of Intellijoy’s Kids Connect the Dots app

  • Kids ABC Phonics

    Kids ABC Phonics

    The long awaited sequel to our best-selling “Kids Preschool ABC Letters” This app is now optimized for both phones and tablets.

  • Kids Preschool Puzzle

    Kids Preschool Puzzle

    Educational fun with colorful puzzles from Intellijoy This app is now optimized for both phones and tablets.

  • Kids ABC Letters

    Kids ABC Letters

    “I couldn’t get my phone back.” Magnetically enchanting way to master ABCs. This app is now optimized for both phones and tablets.

  • Kids ABC Phonics Lite

    Kids ABC Phonics Lite

    The long awaited sequel to our best-selling KIDS PRESCHOOL ABC LETTERS This app is now optimized for both phones and tablets.

  • Kids Numbers and Math

    Kids Numbers and Math

    A fun way for kids to learn numbers and build basic math skills. 

  • Kids Learn to Read (Preschool)

    Kids Learn to Read (Preschool)

    The long awaited sequel to our best-selling KIDS ABC PHONICS. Now optimized for both phones and tablets.

  • Kids Animals (Children 3 to 9)

    Kids Animals (Children 3 to 9)

    Kids Will Love This Latest App from Intellijoy If your child loves visiting the zoo, they will love Intellijoy‘s latest app, Kids Animals.

  • Kids Colors (Preschool)

    Kids Colors (Preschool)

    A fun way to learn colors. This app is now optimized for both phones and tablets.

  • Kids Connect the Dots

    Kids Connect the Dots

    Millions of kids already connect with this dot-to-dot game. This app is now optimized for both phones and tablets.

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Dec 05 2012

Let’s talk “apps” for #Autism


Something that I have been wanting to do for awhile but haven‘t had the time, was to compile a list of recommended apps.

The use of mobile devices such as android smartphones or tablets and iPads or iPhones, have become an amazing tool for use with children on the #Autism spectrum.


What I would like to do is encourage you to share your favorite apps for either android or iOS. 

In the comments below, please give the name of the app you’re recommending, along with the platform (android or iOS) and if possible, a direct link to the app on the Google Play Store.  I don’t know how that works for apple but you can browse the Google Play store from your computer and actually install apps OTA.


I will take your recommendations and add them to a page that I’m working on that will help parents locate apps for use with their special needs children. 

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Oct 10 2012

On a serious note 🙂


I wanted to share this sign from the pediatrician’s office yesterday.  Look at this as a PSA.  :-)

Hope you get a smile from this.  I thought it was really funny.

I think I shared this awhile ago but wanted to share it again, ya know, for my new readers.  :-)


Seriously though folks, please don’t leave your poop behind.  :-)



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Sep 15 2012

Does this make me a bad parent


This is meant to help educate the people unfamiliar with the struggles of special needs parenting. I want to give an example of how I have dropped the ball and why it can happen.

Like many other people, I very often find myself getting behind in a great many things. These things range from bills, housework, yard work and bills to emails, writing, more bills and a bit more housework.

I get so stressed out over these things and no matter how hard I try,  I just can’t keep my head above water.

As a special needs family,  these things hit us really hard and because we are able to absorb fewer things than others, life can begin to spiral out of control. This is when I’m most likely to drop the ball. This is when things can fall through the cracks, even some of the important things.

Does this make me a bad parent? No.

What it does make me is a an overwhelmed parent with dwindling physical and emotional resources.

My guess is that at least some of you reading this can relate.

Because my family life is so…..complex, my options are very limited. In fact,  many times my hands are simply tied and I can’t do anything but run around during putting out the fires.

Getting caught up or dare I say,  improving our lives is literally like chasing my tail.  It’s a pipe dream or at least that’s how it feels.

Forgive me for making this assumption,  but I imagine you can get pretty down on yourself for feeling like you should be doing more.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s just me.

The truth is,  I’m doing everything in my power to make things livable for my family.  However,  I live with this crushing sense of guilt because whatever I do, isn’t enough. I set this impossibly high standard for myself and can never live up to it. It’s like I set myself up to fail.

As a father, no one on earth is harder on me than I am on myself.

I work from home,  not because I want to but because I have to.  That requires a huge amount of sacrifice as well as a substantial loss of income. It’s something that has become a necessary evil though and a cross that I must carry.

So many families are in a similar boat. They do everything in their power to help their special needs child and it comes at a cost.

Sometimes that cost is financial.  Other times it’s sleep or health related. Heck, this journey has cost us friends and even family.

I know that this may seem like whining to some but all I’m trying to do is relay my personal experience and help those of you going through something similar, to maybe not feel so alone. It would be an added bonus if this helped to provide insight for those out there who are quick to judge a book without know the content of it’s pages.


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Aug 31 2012

#Autism and Angry Birds: A match made in heaven


I really don’t need to ask this but,  how many of your little ones love to play Angry Birds? Just about everyone has their hands up.  :-)

My boys love Angry Birds.  They love the plushies,  the video games and now the board game.

Alright,  it’s not really a board game but it’s definitely not a video game either.

This game came with actual parts,  angry birds,  naughty piggies and all the pieces to create your own levels.  Then you get to actually fling your angry birds from the included sling shot/catapult thing and take the pigs out. 

Elliott came home with this from the Hamptons but I’m sure you can find it elsewhere.

This is a really cool way to experience the game.  It also helps with fine motor skills and encourages creativity. 

This was posted via WordPress for Android, courtesy of Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Please forgive any typos. I do know how to spell but auto-correct hate me.

Please join our Autism Help Forums

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