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Welcome to the Lost and Tired Sponsor Page

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As I continue to grow this site and gain the ability to reach more and more people, it’s important for me to make connections with other like minded organizations/people that are interested in helping me accomplish my goals. That goal is simple, share my family’s story, spread Autism Awareness and help as many other families as possible. 

When a company is listed as a sponsor, this can mean a variety of things. However, essentially it means that a person or organization has provided assistance to me in my mission to help others.

That assistance may be in the form of donations that help to cover the constantly growing physical costs of running this site or the My Autism Help forums.

Another way that a company or person can be listed as a sponsor, is by providing items for the purposes of giving away to my readers. I’ve been able to giveaway almost a dozen android tablets, gift cards for apps, weighted blankets, compression vests, books and more. These items all made a difference in the lives of the families that received them. Those are things that I couldn’t do without their help.

Think of this page as my way of saying THANK YOU. 🙂

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please shoot me an email and we’ll chat: Contact Me

**Important note: This is related to the website and mission of Lost and Tired. This is something completely separate from donations that help my family.**

Official Sponsors of Lost and Tired





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 creates Fair, Fashionable and Fun online banking solutions.

“As hard as the facts are to read, those living with autism are plagued by stereotypes and a lack of understanding that makes mainstreaming even more challenging. You can take action by donating your time or money to numerous causes or outreach organizations. You can spread the word virally through grassroots outreach. And you can carry the prepaid debit card that spurs reaction and gets other people involved, too: The Autism Awareness Debit Visa card.”



Special Learning







Special Learning is The comprehensive autism solutions company.

“Special Learning is dedicated to becoming a global leader in Autism resources and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) solutions by leveraging technology to meet the unique needs of individuals with autism, their parents and families, providers and teachers. Special Learning provides members of the global autism community with best-of-breed solutions: products, services, training, relevant information and tools to empower you to help advance individuals with autism up the skills spectrum intuitively, successfully and affordably.”

Check out Special Learning’s Touch Technology Newsletter







“Tapatalk is an award winning app for internet communities with lot of features. Whether it is the hassle-free photo sharing, instant push notification or advanced features such as discussion moderation, there are a lot to love Tapatalk

Tapatalk unfolds the great fun of internet discussions, helping you to discover intriguing discussions and photos on-the-go.”


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I am in awe of how you chose to deal with the unfathomable challenges that have been thrown your way. It is quite amazing that not only did you choose to face the challenges head-on but decided to use your story, circumstances and relationships to help others who are dealing with similar types of challenges. I am very proud that Special Learning was able to make a small contribution to help support your mission. - Karen

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