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Apr 29 2013

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Operation Hope: Gavin’s behavior worsens


We got word or rather Lizze did, that Gavin’s behaviors are worsening.  I don’t know that it’s anything catastrophic but it’s getting worse.

I spoke with Lizze’s Mom a little while ago and it sounds like Gavin’s threshold for frustration is nonexistent.  Basically, he gets frustrated really, really easily.

This is leading to meltdowns more often now than I’m the past.

These are meltdowns and not tantrums because there’s no benefit to him doing this.  That’s basically the litmus test for Gavin.

There may be a combination of things at work here, puberty being one.

The other issue is that his metabolism is all wonky due to the autonomic disfunction and that may impact the effectiveness of his medications.

This is a very real and very serious concern.

Because Gavin is on the last possible psych mess available, we have to be very careful.  If they ever stop working, we have no other recourse.

For now, we just need to get him in for blood work to make sure that his levels are okay.

Just more to worry and be concerned about.  Thankfully, we have a good line of communication with Lizze’s parents and we are working together quiet well.

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MikeNYvetteKennedy 1 Like

I am so heartbroken to read this.  It hurts to know that my family is in trouble and I can't do anything to help.  I want to wishfully hope that maybe one of the major issues playing a factor in this is puberty and that as puberty passes he, you and Lizze's family all find some sort of happy medium again.  He was doing so well and it's terrible to think of him going backwards.  I love you guys and just know that I am here for you even if I can't physically be there in person.  I am always with you in my heart and mind!  Love you guys.  

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