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Lost and Tired Around The Web


Lost and Tired around the web


I thought it would be neat to share all the places that I have been published or recognized. I’m truly honored and humbled to be so widely accepted by people from all around the world. Thank you so much for finding meaning in what I have to say and for helping me share my story. I want to thank all the bloggers who have featured my writing on their blogs. I truly appreciate it and love working working with you.


Here is a list of some of my accomplishments:

1) cnn:  A heart shattered by a glimpse into autism

2) cnn: Little people, lots of pills: Experts debate medicating kids

3) TPGA: My Broken Heart: The Bare-Handed Man

4) Babble: Top 30 Autism Blog 2012

5) Babble: Top 25 Autism Blog 2011

6) Autism Speaks: Listed as a Resource

7) Living the Autism Maze (Radio Interview): Lost and Tired & Android4Autism

8  Canton Repository (Interview): Autistic Boys’ Dad Uses Blog As Outlet

9) Google Play Store: Autism Help App

10) The Akron Children‘s Hospital Blog: Akron Children’s App Puts Vital Health Data In Palm Of Your Hand

11) Skinny Scoop: Top 10 Autism Blog 2012 (1st Place)

12) Your Beautiful Child Radio: Interviewed by Shane Kulman

13) The Akron Children’s Hospital Website: Homeless and autistic, a startling glimpse of a potential future

14) Sharecare:Top 10 Autism Bloggers 2013

15) CafeMom: Top 10 Autism Bloggers 2013

16) Top 30 Autism Bloggers 2013

17) Best Autism Blogs from Dad’s Perspectives


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