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Jul 31 2012

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Kissing therapy goodbye


Gavin had therapy today and I have a really bad feeling that it will be his last,  at least for awhile.

Gavin was getting really dizzy,  to the point of panic today. 

That’s never happened before.

I had the heart rate monitor on him but he’s so friggin skinny it kept falling off,  so I don’t know what his heart rate was doing. 

I just don’t know how safe this is for him,  at least for the immediate future. We’re going to have to speak to neurology ASAP.  We really need to figure this out.

He needs the therapy but not when his health is so unstable.

This really sucks…..


**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Dwayne Murphy
Dwayne Murphy

Stop with the otameal. If Gavin is that skinny, he shouldn't be skipping meals. Find another consequence that works since the otameal only makes him have more violent tantrums anyway.

Rob Gorski on Facebook
Rob Gorski on Facebook

He's right around 100 lbs. I think that's probably on the low side but his docs are okay with it right now. Thanks for sharing the coconut oil thing. 🙂


Is Gavin okay with short walks? He may be able to do short bursts of exercise with his condition, and you might find that works better. with mito issues there is the whole energy quota issue. They only get so much and then it's gone, unfortunatly. You might have to get a list of exercises and do them at home as his energy permits.


That's actually a really good point. I had not thought of that. That would explain why he tires so quickly after minimal excursion. The issue right now is that he basically can't stand up without getting dizzy. That's part of the autonomic disorder. However, they are suspecting that mitochondrial issues may be the the root cause to most, if not all of business health issues. Thanks for pointing that out 🙂


does he need to gain weight? I had a nutritionist for my son at one point. THey sai dto cook things in Coconut oil because its high fat but not the bad kind.


He's right around 100 lbs. I think that's probably on the low side but his docs are okay with it right now. Thanks for sharing the coconut oil thing. 🙂


its delicious! my son is only 4, but he hasnt gained weight in about a year and a half.....we were lucky that he was chunky. I have to substitute fatty oils into his food just so he wont loose weight. Sounds bad but i rather have a kid on the lower end of the scale then overweight and causing health issues that way

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