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Jul 13 2013

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How Child Protective Services has changed the message of this blog

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Ever since this whole CPS thing went down, I have been hesitant to be as honest as I used to.  While being investigated by Child Protective Services was far from pleasant, the CPS workers were. 

We were treated with respect and at no time did I feel like they were being dishonest. 

I feel like the more honest I am, the bigger the target I simultaneously paint on my back. The last thing in the world I need is more visits by CPS as a result of someone “trying to help”.

There are things that I haven’t shared out of fear that someone won’t understand or agree and decide to make an anonymous call.

It’s sad but we just can’t absorb anymore.

This whole thing has taken a big toll on Lizze. The only way you can fully grasp the amount of stress and terror a parent feels when they are under investigation by CPS, is to be under investigation by CPS.

While I’m not a gifted writer and up until a few years ago, I hated writing, it’s become a huge part of who I am and how I survive this journey. 

I don’t like being afraid to be honest.  I don’t like not being able to share with you what we are going through.  There are things going on behind the Lost and Tired curtains that helps to put things into perspective. 

I suppose this is something that I have to work through…….

……and for the record, I’m not talking anything catastrophic.  These are more like situations and circumstances that add a great deal of stress to our lives. 

This whole thing just sorta gnaws away at me and I don’t know what to do about it. 

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