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I came up with the idea of ”Fit4Autism“ a few years ago. It’s kind of a play on word’s. However, it’s way more than that.

As special needs parents we need to be able to take care of our children for as long as possible. The unfortunate truth is that many of us dedicate so much time and energy to our children that we fail to take care of ourselves.

Fit4Autism” is a challenge I’ve issued to myself and now to you. That challenge is to start doing things to improve your overall health and fitness. Simple things like eating healthier and becoming more physically active. Parking farther away from the store (when possible) or simply walking.

As a father to 3 special needs kids (all Autistic) I know how difficult it is to make the time to do this but honestly we can’t afford not to. Who will be their for our kids if we aren’t.

We owe it to them as well as ourselves to be as happy and healthy as possible for as long as possible.

If you would like to join “Fit4Autism” send an email to fit4autism. (clicking the link will open up your program.)


I’ll get an invite off to you right away. Everything is tracked via which works with almost every smartphone out there to day.

My hope is that I get as many people to join as possible. There’s motivation and encouragement in numbers. Endomondo works no matter where you are in the world. The more we have the more attention we can get and the more Autism awareness we can spread.

Anyone wanting to support the cause is welcomed to join. We owe our kids healthy parents and this is what I’m doing to make sure my kids have that.

Join “Fit4Autism” today and improve your health while increasing Autism Awareness.

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malcolmchrystal 1 Like

Hi Rob,

I enjoy reading some of your blog posts.  This one caught my eye because it is at the heart of what I do...although I am just in the beginning of building my practice.  I use with my iPhone and share with parents our route of the session.  will eventually get some HR monitors for my clients too.

I am not a parent of a child with autism, but a foster parent of a child with FAS, and do respite care each weekend for 2 sibs with autism and down syndrome. 

Take care.  Your strength (even if you have to fake it sometimes) is both amazing and encouraging for many parents.


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