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This page was set up in response to the many, many requests of my readers. The request was to provide ways that people can help my special needs family. While I’m not always good at asking for help, I know that we need it and I wanted to illustrate the many ways you could do so.

Please know that this is not meant to be a solicitation but instead provide you with the information you require, should you want to help my family.

The very fact that you even read this blog and our story means more to me than you will probably ever know.

Ways to help the Lost and Tired Family:


1) The first way you can help my family won’t cost you anything more than a few minutes of your time. You can simply read, like, comment and share my articles over at the ChildsWork Blog. I get paid to write for them and the more readers, likes, comments and shares the better. 🙂

Below is the RSS feed as well as a direct link to my articles. I’m published one a week, usually on Tuesdays.


Support My Writing Career


2) Another way you can help my family and spread #Autism Awareness is by liking and share my posts. You can do so using the social media sharing icons at the bottom of each post.

Below is an example of what to look for.

You will find these buttons at the bottom of each post on this blog. Clicking the buttons will share the post across the respective social media network.


3) You can also help by following me on the various social media networks. This helps to not only bring more attention to my message but also spreads it as well. My message, of course, is that of #autism awareness.

You can find me on the social media networks by clicking on the buttons below:

Follow Me on PinterestFind Me On Google CurrentsFind Me On Google+


4) You join join my Atomic Tribe on Triberr and help me spread my message of  awareness. All you need to do is follow the link below by clicking on the Triberr button. From there, simply follow the instructions and join the tribe.


Click me to join Lost and Tired’s Atomic Tribe on Triberr


5) If you feel so inclined you can simply donate. You can do so in one of two ways. First you can use PayPal, as that is the fastest, easiest and most secure. The second method is through the good ‘ol fashioned USPS. Using the postal service will have whatever you choose to send, received into our PO BOX.


If you would like to Donate via PayPal, simply click the PayPay button below:

If you prefer to use the USPS, please use the below address:
Rob Gorski
P.O. BOX 8272
Canton, Ohio 44711

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