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Be sure to thank your child’s Occupational Therapist

If your child receives occupational therapy, you likely already know how much of a difference that can make in the life of a child with Autism and/or SPD.

I want to remind everyone to make sure that you take an extra second out of your day to say Thank You to your child’s OT. 

Yes, it’s their job to help our kids but so any of them are absolutely amazing and have such a positive impact on our kids. Don’t they at least deserve a thank you?

I for one owe our boys occupational therapists a great many thanks.  They’ve been instrumental in helping our boys to be where they are today. Lizze and I are forever grateful and make sure to say Thank You, after each session. 

Please feel free to share your favorite OT related story. 

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Lost and Tired
Lost and Tired moderator

@Court Ney @Julia Hay @dotdash thanks everyone.  I totally agree with the Medicaid expansion but remain unsure about Obamacare as a whole.  Hopefully, this will be a good thing for the majority. 🙂 

Court Ney

Yes thank them!! And give them a big hug.


OT is exactly the type of service that could be available to hundreds of thousands of poor families in Ohio if the Medicaid expansion part of the Affordable Care Act goes through in Ohio -- but won't be if the expansion does not go through.  Anyone in Ohio can have a tremendous influence on this by calling their congresspeople this week.

Without the Medicaid expansion, working poor families do not have access to services like OT.   Equally important, many families who get services through Medicaid currently cannot afford to go to work because their rising incomes would make them ineligible for Medicaid but unable to afford healthcare. The expansion of Medicaid would allow those families to take jobs without losing their healthcare.  

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