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Aug 01 2012

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Autonomic Crisis: Update 08/01/2012


I wanted to update all of you on Gavin current condition in regards to his autonomic disorder.  Gavin just had his 3rd of 4 blood draws for this week.  Incidentally,  he did fantastic this morning. 

We heard from Dr.  Reynolds last night and Gavin’s lithium levels were perfect.  This is good news but at the same time,  confusing and frustrating. 

We were hoping for more information but instead are left to wonder if everything will be okay going forward or if just happened to be okay this week. 

Does that make sense?

Now for the bad news.  We still are waiting for his meds to get a refill.  This is causing lots of problems.  For example,  this morning Gavin ate a sucker after his blood work and got sick to his stomach. 

What happens is that as soon as he eats something, all the blood rushes to his lower extremities and he gets nauseous.

When we got home and gave him his nausea meds and he layed down, he felt better.

This makes just about every aspect of his life and subsequently our lives as well,  very complicated.  The fact that I can say that,  in and of itself,  speaks to how much more complicated things are now.

I so badly need an easy button.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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