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May 01 2013

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#Autism and Artwork: A picture for Mommy and Daddy


I wanted to share this picture that Elliott drew for Lizze and myself.  He’s really proud of it and I’m honored to receive such a special gift from him. 

I thrilled to be able to share it with you all here.

Please feel free to leave your positive and encouraging comments below. 

Elliott is sorta struggling a bit with drawing because Gavin’s been putting his artwork down.  I don’t necessarily think that Gavin’s intention is to insult Elliott. 

Basically, Elliott will draw something for his big brother Gavin and when he gives it to him, Gavin will say something like, you need more practice. He’s even said, Elliott if you keep working at it, your next one might be good.

I’ve tried to explain to Elliott that Gavin is just being Gavin and I don’t think that he’s trying to be mean. 

Basically, Elliott’s really sensitive about this type of thing now.  I always ask his permission before I share one of his pictures with you folks. 

Sometimes, he asks me to share a picture with you all as well. 

This was one of those times.  :-)


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JenniferWhynott 1 Like

The details are amazing. He did a really good job. If he really enjoys drawing there are several books that teach technique. They are geared towards children. It shows how to draw the circles and then make the face step by step.

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