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Autism 101


Akron Children’s Hospital pointed out this interesting infographic to me this morning. I basically summerizes the Autism and it’s impact in a unique way. While I question the whole 80% divorce rate (thought that had been debunked), this infographic provides very useful information and I want to thank Akron Children’s Hospital for sharing it with me so I can share it with you. 🙂

Autism 101: What We Know Today
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I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this. Please have at it down below in the comments.

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SarahBolier 1 Like

My son Colton is 10 and has autism, ADHD and recently diagnosed with Tourette's. he has taught me to view things differently ( better) but the one thing I think sucks the most is everyone expects him to act the way they think he should... I think they need to change their view and walk in his shoes once maybe they wouldn't be so ignorant about it 🙁

SarahBolier 1 Like

That's interesting when it's broken down that way! I agree it's very costly with all the extras you need, very stressful on relationships at times... I always wonder why the rate is going up so fast it's a mystery for sure! I do think treatment is like trial and error and is different for each individual.

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