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May 17 2013

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Almost had Gavin in the ER this morning


Gavin woke up this morning in extreme abdominal pain. So much so that we called both boys off and we walking out the door to head to the ER at Akron Children’s Hospital.

Elliott and Emmett were going to my Mom’s while we were on the way up.

Before welcomed leave however, Gavin began to feel better.

The reason I was freaking out is because Gavin was totally freaking out.  He was doubled over and screaming. While Gavin has a pension for the performing arts, mainly drama, he did seek to be faking anything.

This also had Elliott stressing out as well, in a pretty big way and in the moment, I wasn’t going to even try to make him go to school.  Plus, we were going to be leaving before school started.

Right now, Lizze is in bed sleeping, I’m working and trying to stay awake.

Gavin’s taking it easy and the boys have settled down a little bit.

I’m so exhausted right now and I cam barely keep my eyes open.  I’ve got a call into Gavin’s cardiologist about the cardiovascular side of things.

In the meantime, he hooked up to my heart rate monitor and I cam monitor his heart rate, in real time from my phone.  I get alerts whenever it goes about 145/bpm…

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