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Jan 16 2013

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A new day is upon us

I had a horrible nights sleep or rather lack of sleep. This whole thing with Elliott still has me pretty torn up. 

However, I got up to Elliott being  just fine this morning. 

He’s in a really good mood. He got ready and off to school without any significant problems. When I got him to school I gave him a big hug and told him how much I loved him. I don’t know if he even remembers last night and I didn’t want to bring it up right before school. 

It was really nice to just get a huge from him.

A new day is upon us.

I’m just going to support Elliott any way I can.  I’d rather not be his verbal punching bag but whatever he needs. 

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He might feel better after purging all that pent up rage and sadness. I know several people that have to have a yearly breakdown where they let out everything they had been keeping bottled up inside. Sometimes with the spectrum you can be feeling things and not even know it until later when they come screaming out...It could also be the medication is a factor? Maybe he will be more expressive, not in that extreme...idk, just some thoughts. Hoping the medicine will work for him and he will be able to deal with all the issues surrounding him better.

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