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    Single Mamma with triplets

    Hi everyone
    My mom told me about this place in hopes that I find some comfort and help.
    I’m a single mom of 4 my oldest lives with his father on the other side of Canada ­čÖü I use to live in BC Canada when I found out I was pregnant with triplets my mom thought I should move back home (Ontario) but I couldn’t take my oldest from his dad so that’s why he is there. And me alone with triplets I figured was gonna be hard enough. I carried well 36 Weeks and 3 beautiful angels were born… 2 girls & a boy. The boy is why I’m here. Tristan is autistic .. They haven’t figured out what kind of autism yet. I caught it at 1 and a half the doc agreed but can’t diagnose him till 3. He sits at a year and a half year old levels didn’t talk’, still in diapers, very picky eater and major freak outs. He started junior kindergarten this year he is 4 & half and amazingly he started to echo words now says words alone can read some words knows his colors animals foods numbers … More then I figured he knew just with in the last few months. But unfortunately his aggression got worse… I mean insanely worse…. He beats on his sisters he recently hit me with a toy and can’t use that one arm. He seems to enjoy pain and smiles when he hurts us. I can’t drive without the music cranked… God forbid I turn it down to talk.. The screams are ear percing. On the flip side he can be the sweetest most loving child…. Gives his sisters hugs and kisses always hugging me. I thought his aggression was because he couldn’t communicate but I learned sign language right from birth knowing the 3 would talk a special language called Jargon. And they are all behind in language skills. He also has a PECS book with all his fav things foods toys movies books. Emotions actions. Then now his talking. So why is he more violent???? His melt downs are worse. His noises are louder. He also hits kids at the park. He will chase them down if they have something he wants. I’m over whelmed with little help. My mom I think is afraid of him his sisters are always getting hurt and I’m at a lose. He will listen to by friends but not be at all. I don’t know how to punish him someone please help I don’t want to give up on him but summer vacation has started. His worker takes him ever 2 Weeks for a day. I’m on welfare and that’s all the funding I can get I guess. I’m normally happy and patient.. But the last month I’ve started to fall apart… Along with my health that Iv avoided for years cuz well I just never have time to take care of me. Now I’m hurting and mad and sad and feel alone. Anyone with advice would do me wonders I pray everyday for something to happen to make things just a little easier.

    So lost and tired
    Thank you for reading ­čś« my story
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