It looks like I’m getting sick.  Nothing serious, most likely ahead cold.  My head is pounding and I’m all congested.

Before I got too bad, I ran to Walgreens and picked up some NyQuil. 


I’m writing this as I’m waiting for it to take me away to dreamland.  I don’t know how this week is going to go if I’m sick.  We’re supposed to meet with Wraparound in the morning and Gavin will be home in the afternoons for most of the week.

If this is what Emmett is coming down with, I can certainly understand why he’s been grouchy. 

I don’t get sick very often but when I do, I tend to get really sick. I hope is that I can sleep this off tonight and feel better in the morning. Lizze needs me at my best and so do the boys. 

I could use any positive thoughts you can send my way.