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How to deal with #Autism and violent behavior

I’m frequently contacted by parents because they are overwhelmed, frustrated or just, Lost and Tired.  The problem is frequently related to violent behavior associated with their child diagnosed with #Autism or #Aspergers.

Let me be very,  very clear.  I’m by no means stating that all kids with #Autism or #Aspergers,  present with violent behaviors. 
However,  some kids do and when they do,  what are you supposed to do? How do you address this type of behavior? What happens when you are a victim of physical outbursts?  How are you supposed to respond when your child hits,  kicks, bites, pinches or simply calls you names?

This is a very serious topic and I’m asking that you all share your personal experience.  You never know when something that you have learned could help a fellow special needs parents,  desperately looking for help.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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I'm Rob Gorski and I started this blog in January 2010 as a means of sharing my family's real life journey raising 3 boys on the #Autism Spectrum.
It's important for people to understand what Autism can really be like and the impact it has on the family. We aren't a TV show and there are no actors. This is our struggle, our journey...and it's all true.

I am "Lost and Tired" and
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