I have this thing about having to tell my kids every night how much I love them.  Even when they’re sleeping,  I tell them how proud I am to be their Dad.

When I first put them down at night,  even if it was a bad day, I telling them at least one thing they did today that made me proud.

I feel it’s very important to focus on the positive behavior as well as the behavior that needs to be adjusted.

Despite how completely crazy our lives are,  I find that it’s pretty easy to find things,  even small ones,  that I’m proud of them for. If all else fails,  I tell them that I’m proud of how they never give up.
When it comes to Emmett,  him and I have this special thing.  When I tuck him in at night,  I tell him that no matter what,  I will always love him.  I sayI love you, even though you can be a giant booger.  He gets a kick out of that and so it’s our little thing.

What is the last thing you tell your child before they fall asleep?

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       -Lost and Tired

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