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There comes a point in ones life where one has to make a decision that once seemed difficult but now seems so obvious and simple, it’s hard to understand why it took so long.

That point in time for me is now.

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You all know that things for my family have reached a precipice. A crossroads of sorts. A point in the road where a choice has to be made about which direction to take.

The truth is that no matter which direction is taken, a leap of faith is required because there is no way to know what lies ahead on either path.

I think that many people reach a similar crossroads and are faced with the same type of decision at some point in their lives.

Life happens and sometimes it can disrupt our journey or cause an unexpected detour that can shake one’s spirit and test one’s faith.

These detours can be frightening because rather than following the familiar path, one must forge ahead through unfamiliar places, with no way of knowing if the destination will be the same as originally intended.

I don’t know how to navigate this detour because I’ve never been here before. I don’t know where this unfamiliar path will lead and that’s scary.

What I do know is that there is precious cargo that makes finding our way all that much more important. Critical rather.

There is an upside to these detours as well. They can be a time of reflection, when one realizes that some things in life are irreplaceable and worth more than the most precious of gems.

It’s while on this detour that one can realize how nothing truly matters more than that precious cargo.

Sometimes this detour can be an awakening of sorts. A time when one can finally learn to cast aside all the extra baggage that life has ask be carried along this journey.

It’s only by casting aside this extra baggage, can one truly focus on guiding that precious cargo, through those unfamiliar places in life to arrive at the destination.

I have been far too distracted for far too long. I have been trying to save the world and it’s come at a price. That price is something I am no longer willing to pay.

I have never been more clear headed or been more sure of anything in my life before.

I have a great deal of personal growth underway and many things in my life that need to be changed before we can hope to make it through this detour together and arrive at our destination.

It is for that reason that this will be my final post.

I don’t know what this unfamiliar path has in store for myself, Lizze and the boys. There are sure to be ups and downs. There will be bridges that have yet to be crossed.

While I can’t travel backwards and undo my past mistakes, I can certainly learn from them, grow and move forward.

One thing I know without any hesitation is that I love my wife. I love my family and will do anything for them.

Now is the time where I need to focus on being a leader for my them. I need to spend my time and energy healing my irreplaceable precious cargo.

Perhaps someday, I will be able to look back on this detour and be grateful that it was placed in my path. As scary and heartbreaking as it is right now, I’m learning a great deal about myself and what kind of husband and father I want to be.


Thank you all for the years of love and support you have shown me, my family and my efforts.


I’m not sure exactly how I will close things down.For now the site will remain live but will no longer be updated.  I’m currently in the process of backing up the entire server. I would like to keep the support forums open and available to the public because so many families rely on it for help and support. It’s requires minimal effort on my part and it’s pretty much self-managed. I have no regrets or hesitation about putting this part of my life behind me because I have so much more to gain from doing so.

I also want to share my gofundme fundraiser, I setup for my family. I’m not asking anyone here to donate because I know may of you are in a similar financial boat. I do however, ask you to please consider sharing it for me. Maybe someone out there is able to help. These funds will go to making needed repairs to our house. They will also go towards everyday life things as well as helping to finally make our house a home. I’m sorry if posting this upsets some of you but as I said earlier, I will do whatever I have to for my family and that includes asking for help.

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